Quote of the day—Ellen Alberding

If there is a clear path to making some progress, there will be interest from other funders. No funder wants to just throw money at a problem.

Ellen Alberding
Joyce Foundation President
January 24, 2011
The Joyce Foundation: the anti-NRA
[Keep that in mind. Every fight is important. Every time they lose a fight with nothing to show for their efforts it not only demoralizes them it dries up their funding.

Even if it is a lost cause and we can’t win drawing the fight out causes them to expend limited resources. Just how limited? From the article, “With $3 million spread over 16 gun-related grants, nearly 10% of its total outlays, the Joyce Foundation spends 10 times more than the next-largest gun-control donor.”

Assuming efficient utilization of that money that is enough to fund the salaries, benefits, office space and equipment for about 30 full-time people. That doesn’t count advertisements, political contributions, travel, etc. Gun owners number in the millions of people. Even if we have to spend $100 to cause them to spend $1 it’s another step closer to victory for us.

Every penny and every minute we cause them to spend weakens them and pushes them that much closer to political oblivion.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ellen Alberding

  1. Excellent point. We didn’t beat the Soviets in a straight out war, we tricked them into spending themselves to death, starting with the passage of the National Security Act in 1947 and running all the way to Reagan/Bush era threats of “Star Wars” space-based weapons. If we cause them to drag out their coffers and donor lists over every fight, the funds will dry up even quicker.

  2. This is one reason to donate to and join as many of the gun rights orgs. as you possible can. “G_d bless them one and all” (plagerism alert). 2nd Amendment Foundation, JFPO, GOA, NRA and all the others. I try to send a little to as many as I can, but sometimes it’s hard on a veterans pension.

  3. The pro gun organizations are like the brands of cereal at your local grocery. There are -bazillion-, all of them are slightly different and appeal to different people, but they all fulfill the same function. We should support that variety of perspectives and approaches to completely restoring our right to self defense. We’ve done great in the past 10 years but there’s still a long way to go imo. Join as many as you can, “collect the whole set”.

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