It used to work but not anymore

Some people don’t realize this is the age of information. The cost in time and money to look something up is probably less than one millionth of what it was 30 years ago.

The fossils spewing their lies at Coalition to Stop Gun Violence apparently don’t really get it. Michael Beard is the President and claims to have been an anti-rights advocate as far back as the 1960s. What worked then doesn’t work now.

The thing that surprised me is they even provided a link to the newspaper article which disputed their claim rather than supporting it.

Their claim is that a criminal who killed one police officer and wounded another in Seattle in October of 2009 was a “high-profile gun rights advocate”:

Having benefitted from the anonymity of private gun sales, Monfort has also emerged as high-profile gun rights advocate.

If you read the article the only support for this is the article title of “Christopher Monfort, Second Amendment advocate?”

My understanding is that the article titles are frequently not written by the reporter and are intended to get attention with accurate depiction of the article contents being a distant second in priority. This was certainly the case this time. There was no support in the article for the claim the criminal was a gun rights advocate let alone that he had a high profile for anything other than being a cop-killer. But that didn’t stop the folks at the CSGV from making the claim.

It’s time to hang it up guys. It doesn’t work anymore. You may have a full time salary but some guy chilling in his underground bunker with his guns and ammo and a few minutes on his hands can discover and point our your deception before the end of the same day as you posted it.


4 thoughts on “It used to work but not anymore

  1. That’s just it. Back when I was a teen and the AWB was winding up I asked a few of my family and friends what this “Semi-Auto” was all about. They didn’t know. Because I knew “Full Auto” was what machine guns did, I assumed semi-auto must be like the burst-fire feature on Robocop’s Beretta 93R.

    Actually my Nephew expressed the same assumption to me last summer, so I guess it IS pretty logical.

    But in the days of wikipedia, google, and countless gunblogs, if you don’t know something about a gun or a gun-related issue, its because you’re not interested in it.

    Uninterested people don’t vote, mobilize, or donate.

    Interested people support gun rights.

  2. It must suck, after having the media in your back pocket for decades, to discover that not only is the media slowly trying to work its way out of that cloth prison, but it is also somewhat irrelevant if it ever does thanks to, as Weer’d says, interested people spreading truth.

    Me, I am all for letting the anti-rights nuts think they still control the message – their eventual screw-ups like this one are all the more entertaining that way :).

  3. If I recall the articles of those times about Monfort, he would more closely be labeled a Black Panther type, without the organization. If he had a group around him, and that’s debatable except for his family clan, he might have amounted to something in local Marxist/Che Guevara circles. Support of the Second? Never occurred to him, since he was a simple scumbag felon, and armed himself in contravention of both the RCW and the Federal law.

    Most who are outside of the Corrections or Criminal Justice fields don’t know this, but one the chief topics of discussion among inmates within the Walls is bragging on just how they would ambush cops. Few inmates ever act on these fantasies, but Monfort did. End of story.

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