Quote of the day—Sarah Brady

The 1998 elections are further proof that support for gun control is mainstream and mainstreet America. Furthermore, in race after race, the NRA and its deep pockets proved to be a political liability, not an asset. After yesterday’s election, I think we will see more and more candidates and Members of Congress back away from NRA money and anti-gun-control positions if they want to win the support of the American people.

Sarah Brady
November 4, 1998
Chair Handgun Control, Inc. (Now called The Brady Campaign).
1998 Elections are Grandslam for Gun Control
[How’s that mainstream gun control working out for you Sarah?—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sarah Brady

  1. I have always given Sarah a pass. I am pretty sure she doesn’t write these things. She is the figurehead of scavengers that prey on peoples grief.
    Watch the Bloomberg announcement this morning. He will have all the EMOTION on his side. No facts, all lies and emotion every time. Grab a family member that has lost a loved one and use their grief to make your point. “What about the children?” “My son was killed in Virginia Tech”! “I was a Columbine parent!” My beautiful baby boy, who went to church every Sunday and walked uphill both ways in bare feet in the snow, was gun down by a man with a gun. (Also known as “Mom grieving that her thug son was shot in drug deal gone bad”!

    Now some people hammer on Sarah all the time. I see her as a means to an end. We need to stay truthful, and not get complacent.

    I feel bad for Sarah, she lost her husband and her free will in the same lifetime.

    But we will win!

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