Quote of the day—Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy

If the president doesn’t get involved then it’s not going to convince anybody in Congress or the Senate.

Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy
January 19, 2011
Empty Barrel
[I would have thought it would depend more on Congresswoman Giffords who was shot. But who am I to know? Obama could give it some momentum too but my read of things is that he will stay out of it.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy

  1. Congresswoman McCarthy though, is one of those liberals who think the sun rises and sets on Obama’s ass. Of course they all do to a great extent, but the supposedly great uniter has found out for himself that his shit do stink after all and that he is not even up to being the water boy. Experience does count after all Mr President but you don’t have any and McLame had too much it seemed.

  2. From the article:
    “But the next day, in a phone call with The Observer, Mr. Rangel was less optimistic. “I don’t really think that people who overly protect one’s right to own firearms are going to be impressed because somebody was killed,” he said. “If Reagan and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King and Jack Kennedy didn’t do it, I don’t think that’s going to have a meaningful change.”

    How about this one, Charlie:

    I don’t think that people who overly protect one’s right to live free from slavery are going to be impressed because somebody was killed.

    Here’s a thought, Mr.. Congressman: No One who understands that specific, enumerated rights in the constitution are never to be messed with by the government (see: unabriged) will give a rat’s ass if guns kill one, or a hundred, or a hundred million. No one who understands freedom will care if defending those ideals which we hold self-evident, that unalienable rights endowed upon each of us by our creator, are worth fighting for, and even dying to protect, or to make a stand against tyranny.

    It doesn’t matter to me if the freedoms we enjoy are misused by individuals to attack us, those people are punished by the laws we already have.

    I would gladly see this country tear itself apart in another civil war, rather than see it sell its citizens’ freedoms short for the purpose of restricting the rights of the individual to protect the state.

  3. The House just voted 245-189 to repeal Obamacare. The notion that they’d listen to Chairman Zero on this (even if he was politically suicidal enough to push it) is delusional. But then, we are talking about Carolyn McCarthy here. The woman needs professional help. It’s pretty clear that she never recovered from her personal tragedy, and years later is still showing evidence of unhealthy levels of a host of psychological defense mechanisms.

  4. McCarthy is one of the “same olds” that get all riled up when stuff like this happens. I don’t think anyone on the hill takes her seriously anyway.

    “The shoulder thing that goes up” – dopey broad!

  5. Obama promoting gun restrictions = more gun sales, more gun owners, more public debate and more understanding of what “unalienable right” means. I’m sort of hoping for it.

    C’mon, Obama– Go for it.

    anon; Pointing out the flawed reasoning and naked hypocrisy of the left is perhaps worthy conversation, occasionally, among those who believe in and uphold the American Principles (wild-eyed extremists), but it will never phase a leftist. They’re smarter, they know the answers for saving the world and making things equitable, and you’re in the way. That’s all that matters. To take advantage of a leftist’s idiotic gaff here and there is to endanger human life and the even the planet itself, don’t you know (“women, minorities and children hardest hit”)? It makes you evil. How dare you? Here these people are, trying to fix things and make the world a better place for everyone including you, and you’re focusing on petty details like that?

    I hope everyone, on all sides, understands that this is the mindset we on the wild-eyed extremist right are up against.

  6. Lyle, your comment to anon reminded me of a South Park episode called “Smug Alert” Its directed at Prius owners, but portrays the majority of the anti right crowd pretty accurately. They are so full of their own superiority any debate is impossible.

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