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The vast majority of lefties had no opinion on 30 round magazines until last week. If they had an opinion from a previous newscycle, it was long forgotten. It is now received wisdom that high capacity mags are evil. Whatever you say or write, you haven’t changed the underlying presumption that you are arguing for something evil. You aren’t allowed to challenge the conclusion that your gun is evil.

As a metaphor, I’m against eating live puppies. If someone were to argue about their right to eat live puppies, I wouldn’t begin to pay attention to their arguments; I’d only be interested in learning more as a means to stopping them. If I found out they had a powerful lobby devoted to enjoying the agony of the puppies as the are slowly eaten, I’d assume the worse motives and conspiracies. I can’t imagine any logic or arguments that would sway me from my presupposition. In the minds of the Left, wanting responsibility for oneself (including self-defense, which includes your gun and mag) is like torturing puppies.

January 17, 2011
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[Other than the minor correction of changing “high capacity” to “normal” or “standard” I don’t have anything to add.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—dustydog

  1. Engage feelings disengage thinking. Come up with emotionally appealing slogans and repeat endlessly. Ignore reality.

    Yup, describes the Left perfectly.

  2. I’m beginning to see it as a sort of hypnotism. The instant you start talking about American principles, you’re using inflammatory speech, hate mongering, you’re nothing but angry, or stupid, etc., so all the hypnotized person hears is hate or anger. No matter how well-presented, none of the actual points make it to the logic centers of the brain because they’re being hijacked and re-directed.

  3. I find the metaphor a bit strained, but I certainly agree with main point.

    Guns are not evil. Guns are inanimate objects with neither will nor intent. Only people can be evil, and that is a truth the left don’t WANT to believe.

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