Confetti and charcoal dispensing with Boomerite

Ry, Barron, and I went to the Boomershoot site today to do some more tests.

Apparently I left the glitter at my bunker in the Seattle area but we had the confetti and as we passed through Kendrick we picked up some charcoal briquettes on a whim.

The confetti was totally uninteresting:

Dispensing charcoal briquettes was more interesting:

The briquettes are far cheaper than chalk and no special packaging is required. The use of charcoal briquettes for Boomershoot 2011 is now the official plan of record.

We did manage to destroy the dispenser. In hindsight it was a stupid thing we did. There is a construction flaw in the current dispensers. The hole in the center should have the armor plate welded to the one inch plate all around the hole as instead of simply at the edges. We managed to get enough pressure build up between the two plates that we broke some of the welds. It can be repaired and I will do so the next time I go back to the farm.


4 thoughts on “Confetti and charcoal dispensing with Boomerite

  1. I got a bunch of the stills up from today. I’m still working on the video, some of it’s interesting; mainly the last shot, take of and landing were both in frame. I’ll trim that section and put it up where you and Ry can get it, everyone else can live with youtube. I did have a couple surprises show up though when reviewing the pictures.

  2. Joe, I mentioned this on your FB page (at least I think I did. No clue if my new phone is working as advertised). Could you possibly add firework material (IIRC zinc or magnesium) to make a spark shower?

    I *still* don’t get why the big boom isn’t enough entertainment 😉

  3. Robb,

    Magnesium would probably work. We know Titanium works as least part of the time. But as the particle size goes up to get sparks instead of just a flash the risk of fire danger goes up as well. Metal powders tend to be expensive and hazardous to work with but the biggest concern is the fire danger.

    The whole point of the “dispenser” is that was can reduce the target size. In this case it is a 1.5 inch circle. With the reduced target size the mass of Boomerite is also reduced. At 700 yard the usual target is seven inches square and has about 900 grams of Boomerite in it. The dispenser only has 100 grams of Boomerite. At 700 yards it’s just not that interesting unless we add a little something extra.

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