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Joan may be living in the world of Jim Crow — it is an essential part of her worldview, I suppose, due to the need to keep guns away from “those people”.

January 2, 2011
Quote of the Day
[Chris is of course referring to Joan Peterson, member of the board of directors of the Brady Campaign.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chris

  1. When someone argues in bad faith, the reason is perhaps interesting but unimportant. When someone continuously propounds ideas that are bigoted, irrational, not factually based, and anti-human rights, the reason they do so is perhaps interesting but again unimportant. What is important is that the rest of the audience should be informed clearly that the person is arguing in bad faith, lying, presenting misinformation, making an argument against human rights, and is generally a person who should be argued against until defeated on the field of ideas and, especially, defeated on the field of action in the real world.

    I don’t care if Ms. Peterson is mentally challenged, or if she is knowingly lying through her teeth, she is still telling untruths and using non-rational arguments and arguing for suppression of human rights.

    That I have never been able to get a comment posted there does not change my point – she is a lying, irrational, anti-rights blogger.

  2. And more often than not, they are talking about “those same people.” After all, the problem is with “urban” people having guns. And, of course, urban is code for “black”.

  3. She has pretty much said as much, and on this very weblog, Phelps – she is all about keeping the inner cities disarmed, due to “population density” concerns.


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