Cleveland Ohio slapped down


The Supreme Court of Ohio Wednesday rejected Cleveland’s attempt to retain its own gun control laws.

In a 5-2 majority opinion, the Justices upheld a 2006 state law that says only federal or state regulations can limit an Ohioan’s individual right to bear arms.

The Jim Crow like anti-gun owner laws continue to fall.


7 thoughts on “Cleveland Ohio slapped down

  1. “The Jim Crow like anti-gun owner laws continue to fall.”

    I like the way you put that.

    We will not have won, until these laws are viewed the same way the bad old segregationist laws are viewed — as something one is ashamed to advocate. Places that have them need to be viewed as places no good and decent person would want to visit.

  2. “Places that have them need to be viewed as places no good and decent person would want to visit.”

    This is one of the huge reasons I don’t want to move to California, or New York City, or Chicago. Which is kindof sad, because as a mathematician with a vague interest in the financial, this practically closes the door potentially lucrative employment.

    The other reason, for New York and Chicago, at least, is weather: my wife has cold-induced asthma, aggravated by humidity.

  3. MikeB302000,

    Since you readily admit that you “couldn’t care less about truth and falsity or causation and correlation” it comes as no surprise you don’t understand. I’ll explain it for the benefit of others who do care about truth and falsity.

    It is the job of government to protect the rights of the people. The city of Cleveland was infringing upon some of those rights. The Ohio Supreme Court overthrew the laws that were infringing. When government is protecting the rights of the people I almost always approve of those actions because that is the charter of government. When government infringes upon the rights it is supposed to protect and/or is overstepping its charter I do regard that government action as evil. There is nothing inconsistent in advocating that position.

  4. Joe; mikeb knows that already. He’s that kid in the classroom who always has to be the center of attention even if it means being the disruptive clown and getting sent to the principal’s office, because he knows he’ll never be the center of attention for having achieved anything meaningful. The satisfaction of having just wasted a minute of your time, and another minute of mine, and the fact that we’re talking about him, are the things that matter. It reminds me of the kid who’ll set a building on fire and then hang around to watch the response and get a thrill out of it.

  5. You guys just love the government when it abides by its own rules, otherwise it’s evil.

    There. Fixed that for you.

    Would that this kind of ruling (wherein a judge reiterates that a government must abide by the same rules it expects its citizens/residents to follow) were not such an exception to the continuing, and horrifying, rule of governmental growth. Worse yet, these kinds of rulings appeal to the side of me that still naively believes that the American Experiment is salvageable, which is going to make the sting of disappointment that much worse in the future…

  6. MikeB30200,

    There are regulations that make you less free, such as anything that tells you what you can’t do.

    And then there are regulations that make you MORE free, such as laws that tell corporations that they can’t pollute your favorite swimming hole or river. Laws and regulations that make you MORE free are the legitimate function of government. Laws that make you LESS free are the goal of the BCPGV, VPC, MAIG, etc.

    As such you and the rest of the fascist bigots can pound sand.

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