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Nothing that could reconcile the flat-out Marxist-Leninist Obama was in his college days with the man he supposedly is today.  There’s no one who says, “Yeah, he was a radical guy in his youth, and I just couldn’t believe how he became disenchanted with his old ideas.”  There are no stories about a great epiphany, an overseas trip that opened his eyes, or a personal tragedy that inspired growth.  There’s nothing to explain how a radical Marxist became a reasonable politician.  And if there is such an explanation, it’s the most elusive of missing links.

So could “it” happen here?  And is it really nutty to ask if, just maybe, it already has?

Selwyn Duke
December 28, 2010
The Missing Link in the Evolution of Barack Obama
[Via email from Ry.

Yes. “It” could happen here. It is happening here. Our governments are collapsing. I believe there are going to be a lot of people dying in the next decade or so. And all the while the Federal government will be grabbing more and more power and make the situation worse and worse.

I’m investing in land, explosives, brass, and copper-jacketed lead. What are you investing in?—Joe]


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  1. Land, explosives, brass, and bullets are good.

    Something else to keep in mind is mobility. In the middle of a collapsing government the best option sometimes is to be somewhere else.

  2. Yeah. I know. Historically sea going boats have been the savior of large numbers of people. With the world wide collapse I’m not so sure they will help as much this time.

    I’m counting on isolation, rugged terrain, and moderate amounts of firepower being the rough equivalent.

  3. Can’t invest in land, yet. Investing in the guns aspect of firepower. The ammo will be ‘cheap’ compared to that. Getting the necessities, now. Got 1 handgun. need more. Working on the shotgun and I’m about 1 month away from buying the long range rifle (coincidentally, the one I’ll have at Boomershoot!). I figure I’ll need 2-3 handguns, a shotgun, a long distance rifle, and a small game rifle. Then expand out with more minor stuff. Working on buying a house since apartments are NOT where you want to be in the zombie apocalypse.

  4. Stuck in suburbia – renting. Besides, as others have pointed out, the idea that one can own land or one’s home is (at present) an illusion. In just about anywhere you look, some level of government charges you rent (taxes and fees) for the privilege of said “ownership.”

    Water (treatment methods)

    Already have 870 tactical 12Ga and .22 (10/22).
    Long reach not as valuable in the ‘burbs and here in the PRK, handguns are (at present at least) just about useless.

    I question the value of precious metals if things really GTH.

    I think that Ammo may become a form of currency.
    Some skills will be in demand (I wish I were an expert welder and iron monger – I am guessing that will be an in demand skill).
    Food will be in demand and a ready item of barter.

    Basics – survival.
    Sigh.. in terrible physical shape and not sure I have the skills chops.
    One thing I can do far better than most – improvise.
    We shall see.

    One hopes that this mess can still be turned around. BUT, such will require the sheeple to become people and to demand the government out of their lives. Not likely with such a large and apparently useless dependent class.

    Still trying to figure out what to do when the sewers back up…

  5. I’m stuck in suburbia. I’ve got arms and skill and a good pile of ammo that I’m adding to. But I don’t have a way to move onto arable land. Setting things right for my family is goal one but I also want to find a way to long term store insulin. Supply fragility on that are what could be called a show stopper and Just In Time pharmaceuticals make me nervous.

  6. At this time, I can’t invest in much of anything: too much debt, too little income. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what I could do to change my situation.

    I’ve also been thinking about what I would do when governments collapse. Even if I can’t be prepared physically, I could at least be prepared psychologically, so I won’t become catatonic when disaster hits. When something bad happens, inaction can be a very deadly thing!

  7. Alpheus; you can always do something, but the main thing is get your own house in order so you’re more self reliant, while encouraging others to adopt the same goal. Sometimes this requires a fundamental shift in one’s way of thinking and attitudes.

    That’s our operative term – self reliance.

    Another one would be cooperation, and that’s not the contradiction one might be tempted to think. You cannot have much to offer in cooperation unless you’re at least somewhat self reliant. So work on yourself. I know I certainly have much to do in that arena.

    Besides that, I’m investing in food preparation equipment, reloading equipment and supplies, and the like. I’m thinking about ways to provide heat and power off the grid too. That’s a big issue for many people, but that’s more expensive up front. Mostly it’s about information and ideas and the spreading of information and ideas – helping people to help themselves and stay engaged at some level at the same time. The best way to deal with a crisis is to keep it from happening, or to be prepared for it so it’s not such a horrible tragedy.

    The Republicans understand that, which is why they are plotting to absorb and co-opt the teaparty movement (their “crisis” would consist of being relegated to the obscurity they so richly deserve). We need to make sure the Republicans fail in that effort.

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