Barb and Windows Phone 7+

Earlier, when she found out daughters Kim and Xenia were getting a Windows Phone 7 for Christmas, she told me, “You better have not gotten me one of those. I’ll be afraid to use it because I might lose it.”

Here is the video when she opens it and then finds out I got her a little something extra to go with it:


6 thoughts on “Barb and Windows Phone 7+

  1. Good on ya!

    I was just sure that you had squirreled away a matchbox car in the box…

    But that doesn’t make much sense for Mr. Boomershoot. I mean, does he homebrew firecrackers? Naw, he goes big.

    Well done lad. The rest of the male population is now in trouble with their spouse. B-)

    What is it they call it down in Cajun country? Lagniappe -> “A little extra”

  2. That was wonderful! My wife and I got Windows Phone 7s as well and really love them.

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