Senate rejects ATF nominee Andrew Traver?

I’m not entirely sure what this means but it sounds like Andrew Traver won’t even be debated as a potential head of the ATF until we have our new Senate seated:

The Senate did not vote on whether to confirm Andrew Traver as the next leader of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives this Congress, sending his nomination back to the White House on Wednesday.

I think this means we will have a more gun friendly Senate to review Traver’s background with the Klan Joyce Foundation.

Update: John Richardson examines the issue in detail.


2 thoughts on “Senate rejects ATF nominee Andrew Traver?

  1. It means Reid was not concerned with confirming Traver. So it is virtually certain Obama will make a recess appointment of Traver, making that rabidly anti gun individual the head BATman for the next two years. Or longer, if Obama is reelected. Unless, of course, Congress decides to act responsibly for once and transfer the ATF’s responsibilities to a competent law enforcement agency.


  2. Stranger: recess appointments still must be reviewed by the Senate by the end of the next Senate session. That means at most, he’d be director for a year and a couple of days.

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