Boomerite and chalk targets

Ry has his own video of this but I took video with my Windows Phone 7 and wanted to say a few things about the results of these tests separate from other tests on his video. First the video:

We have been doing tests of steel chalk dispensers with mixed results. The chalk goes up into the air nicely but the dispensers have not had a very long life. Ry decided to test adding the chalk directly to our seven inch square cardboard box targets. The chalk was positioned in one of three different ways:

  1. Behind the Boomerite
  2. On top of the Boomerite
  3. In front of the Boomerite

The second configuration was the most visually pleasing but for a normal target this means the top half of the target is inert as far as the shooter is concerned. They only have the bottom half of the target available for detonation. But what we could do is use this in a hybrid target. We use a steel plate with a hold in it like the existing “chalk dispenser” targets with one of these cardboard box targets a foot or so behind the steel plate. We would not have to confine ourselves to very small Boomerite charges to prevent damage to the steel and we could put a lot more chalk on top of the target. It would be a little more work to set up the targets, get the alignment just right, etc. But the steel construction part would be a lot easier and would guarantee the steel targets would be reusable.


5 thoughts on “Boomerite and chalk targets

  1. Joe-

    Looks real good – the concept with the perforated steel plate and chalk-enhanced boomer behind it seems like it will work fine and provide enough difference in color with other Boomers to indicate a hit on the concealed boomer target. Maybe not as spectacular as the “chalk ejector” but very presentable and workable in my opinion.
    Thanks for testing the concept.

    Bob P.

  2. Kevin,

    Probably. It would require testing to make sure. Every new mix requires quite a bit of testing. There are friction, drop, impact (bullet and hammer), and sunlight (spontaneous combustion). Then repeat after storage for one, two, and seven days.

    If we have time I probably will try mixing a small amount, do a quick safety tests then see if the display is particularly interesting. If it goes well then we would go through the entire test procedure.

  3. Perhaps the chalk could have a box of its very own. It need not be of a color different from the background. There could be a normal charge of active ingredient, and lots of chalk. A wrap of tape to keep them together.

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