Quote of the day—Lisa

I miss Idaho dearly. I REALLY miss being in the middle of nowhere, as strange as that probably sounds to most people. I just feel so confined in the city–almost like I can’t breathe. I feel safe most of the time (I would feel safer if I could carry on campus… but that’s another story) but there’s always this lingering thought. I never had that growing up on the farm, or in Moscow for that matter.

December 14, 2010
1st Semester of Grad School — Finished! (Almost)
[Lisa, is my niece and grew up on the same farm I did. I completely understand what she is saying. I work in a different city on a different campus but the same restrictions apply.

It’s been 35+ years since I lived on the farm and I still feel that way.—Joe]


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  1. I submit that Idaho is the middle of somewhere. There’s plenty of room here too, so you’re all welcome, so long as you mind your own business (you do have a business, don’t you?) and don’t try to mind other people’s. That’s the only restriction.

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