Reality check

Whenever someone thinks I’m getting a little to cocky about my speed with a gun just remind me to watch this video.

[Via email from Boomershooter Rich.]


5 thoughts on “Reality check


    I guess you’d better trade your fancy shmancy automatic racegun in for a Peacemaker and start fanning your shots. Or get a Remington so you can do fast reloads by swapping cylinders. I’ll loan you mine for the next match.

    Reminds me; I recently watched the movie “They Live” for the umpteenth time, and noticed for the first time that the hero fans his 45 autopistol to smoke some aliens. I guess if you carry it hammer down it might make some twisted, Hollywood form of sense. Just look out for slide bite.

  2. I’ve seen him on Youtube, with better (modern?) cameras. Good Lord is right! Wish I could do that!

    Although I found one thing telling–apparently he’s shooting blanks? It doesn’t take much to pop a balloon, & he’s shooting at relatively close range–it seems to me the embers would spread like shotgun pellets, making pinpoint accuracy slightly less important. Still impressive, I can’t even come close to doing that, but I do slightly question the physics behind it.

  3. Impressive, but Publius is totally correct; blanks are used to ignore backstop issues (so shows can be put on in stadiums and other non-shooting venues), to increase speed (no real recoil) and to increase the chances of a hit (the pressure-wave expands, and is sufficient to pop a balloon).

    It’s really impressive, but it’s a show. Given real bullets, Jerry Mickulik would wipe the floor with him any day.

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