If You’re Clueless, Take a Poll

The NRSC sent out a mass e-mail this week, linking to a web-site poll they have going.  Seriously, guys; you haven’t been listening all year?

It may just be that poll-taking is a pet peeve of mine, but really; if you came into the field (any field) not knowing what you want do and why you want to do it, why are you there at all?  You ran for office, in this case, and really, really wanted to win.  You spent tons of money and long hours getting elected, and now you don’t know why you’re there?  Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot?

As usual, the poll questions are multiple choice, and as usual the answers could be easily interpreted in opposite ways, depending on the observer.  Unlike many polls however, there are places to enter comments.

They start with; “What do you think should be the first legislation addressed by the new Congress?”

There are four choices, plus “Other”.

I left them all blank and then entered this comment;

It’s really quite simple; if you understood the American Principles of Liberty, you wouldn’t need to take a poll.  The fact that you’re asking tells me you’re fishing for a position, trying to figure out what it is you should PRETEND to believe.  Crack a history book or two and figure it out, then run on those principles, actually stand for them in practice, and win big.

Then came; “Please rank in order of importance to you personally, the following issues” and there were nine choices, starting with abortion (really?) plus “other”.  I left them all blank, and filled in the next comment box;

Regarding #4; See, there you go again.  I don’t see liberty on the ballot.  Never have.  Hence the problem.  This isn’t rocket science, people.  Defeat the left.  Go for the jugular and drive them and their programs into political extinction.  Get Progressivism out of the Republican Party so we can win more elections, shrink the federal government (I mean real, meaningful contractions, and closure of departments) and “promote the general welfare” BY  PROMOTING LIBERTY.  It doesn’t work any other way.

Do we demand perfection immediately?  Of course not.  1; There is no such thing as perfection, and 2; things take time.  The point is; if you have the Ideals, you naturally trend toward them.  If you don’t have the Ideals, stand aside and make room for someone who does.

But after you submit the poll, you’re taken directly to a donation form.  Chances are, no one’s interested in the poll (it’s a piece of jr. high school crap anyway) so much as they’re interested in the raising of funds.

Here’s another (bonus) message for you Senate Republicans;

I’ll consider sending you money after I see some results.  I’m tired of supporting mushy, confused Republicans who can’t decide what it is they should pretend to stand for.  Been there, done that, and I’m never doing it again.

You know about all those eligible voters who sit out election after election?  Yeah; maybe that’s a clue you’re still not getting, and maybe, just maybe, it’s a sign that there are millions of votes available to someone who will, for once, actually stand for American ideals rather than simply jabbering about them during campaign season and hoping we’re still dumb enough to fall for it.  Time is running out.

Really?  You guys didn’t see the spontaneity and scale of the tea party movement?  You really didn’t understand a bit of it?


4 thoughts on “If You’re Clueless, Take a Poll

  1. Also, their donation page is unsecure, meaning you credit card information will be sent without encryption – I think they really ARE clueless!

  2. I think they think this is just another electoral phase. And you can’t really blame them, there have been a few such phases that have fiddled. Only time will tell if this time is different.

  3. I suggested that federal spending be reduced 10% year over year. I will wait, not holding my breath at all, for agreement from the NRSC supporting my position.

  4. I think you’ve pegged it. Polls are simply efforts to make us ‘feel good’ and glean data. It’s not as if we’re actually voting for anything. And, I LOVE the polls about rights – Do you think (RKBA, 2nd Amendment, etc.) is VALID? As if a majority of people even know their rights!

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