Quote of the day—Phillip Van Cleave

The gun control side of America has fallen apart.

Phillip Van Cleave
From the Virginia Citizens Defense League
December 12, 2010
Death of eight-year-old becomes a symbol of lost struggle by US gun control lobby
[The struggle over gun ownership was a legal conflict between individual responsibility and group punishment. The individual is taking the lead for a while. Let us hope it continues and spreads to other areas as well.—Joe]


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  1. While the boy’s death is tragic, how often does this happen? How many other people have used that same gun and not shot themselves? They can’t make a new law every time somebody tragically dies in some unusual manner. Deaths from legally owned NFA weapons are extremely rare, and the death was due to the parent’s decision to let him use it.

    I like how you phrased that this is a struggle between “individual responsibility and group punishment”, I think it sums it up very well. It’s like when Joan insists that we police our own, as if we all know each other and have control over what everyone else does. It’s not like we all attend a weekly a meeting, and we just sit quietly while members discuss what reckless or criminal acts that they have planned.

  2. My favorite bit is

    “Gun control campaigners in the USA are waving the white flag after a year of crushing setbacks.”

    If only they were waiving those white flags. Now, the crushing setbacks part… That certainly warms my heart to think about.

  3. Joe, Thanks for showing us again how that determining truth from falsity thing works. The individual responsibility in this case should obviously rest with the dead eight-year-old.

    That’s brilliant.

  4. All that data and all those stats — yet who is responsible for the death of the 8-year-old? Surely he shouldn’t have been allowed to shoot a gun he couldn’t handle. So whose fault is it? Where is the law for this?

  5. mikeb302000

    You seem to forget we’re dealing with Libertarians here. They are the same people who believe that Enron and Bernie Madoff would have behaved better without regulation.

  6. You bastards wish to deprive me of my civil rights because tragic accidents happen.

    Why not throw out all the 5th and 6th Amendment protections? That makes it more difficult to put criminals in jail, thus lives are lost. If it saves just one life it’s worth it. Throw out the 4th as well, because nothing is more important then saving life.

    Honestly, something I’ve never understood: why can’t everyone here in America who wants us to be Europe just move to Europe. Why the hell can’t there be one moderately free country left in the world? I’m not greedy, I just want one country where I can own guns, and not worry about the State.

  7. ubu52 AND MikeB

    An individual is already on trial for this. That is haw the law works. If there is indeed is someone at fault, they are tried by their peers.

  8. Britt –
    I’ve said the same thing, with the exception that they move to Canada, it is closer and Canada could use the increase in the tax base.

    MD – Canuck working on US citizenship !

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