On the 12th Day of Bulk Ammo

Bulk Ammo is a sponsor here and sent me the following:

On the 12th Day of Christmas BulkAmmo.com gave to me… a 12ga- $15 Off Coupon.  Use the coupon code 12gaXMAS for $15 off 250 rounds of 12ga Rio Royal Buckshot Ammo from BulkAmmo.com.  Expires on 12/26/10- Pass the Christmas cheer along and repost!

2 thoughts on “On the 12th Day of Bulk Ammo

  1. Sure wish one of the ammo companies would figure out that some of us(in fact I bet a lot of us) shoot 20ga shotguns. Just try finding anything bigger than number seven-1/2 birdshot for a twenty. I know I’d buy a couple of cases of 20ga #3 buck if I could find it for less that $1.00/rd…

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