VPC Blogger may have moved

For a little over a year from February 2008 until April 2009 we were treated to great sarcasm and lots of speculation about who could be the author for the VPC Blog. At the NRA Convention last May it came up again—no one would admit to doing it or knew who wrote it.

It may be the author moved to the U.K. because we now have some great posts at Gun Control Network with this slogan setting the tone:

We at The Gun Control Network believe that people aren’t to be trusted with having guns. Guns only murder, That’s all they do.

9 thoughts on “VPC Blogger may have moved

  1. I’m not sure if they’re really serious or trying to parody the Bradys. Especially after reading this line.

    “Another disgusting act of gun violence. Hopefully this homeowner will be punished severely for violating the city’s noble handgun ban, which was in place for his own good. Better he die knowing fully well he was doing his bit for a gun free society than to become a filthy horrible gun criminal.”

  2. Whoops! It was early and I wasn’t reading very well or clearly. After reading it again it makes sense.

  3. I dunno – the VPC blog is clearly a parody. That GCN thing could almost be some kid who thinks he’s being serious. The tones aren’t similar.

  4. I’m thinking parody. He/she is picking stories that are very obviously leaning in FAVOR of the person wielding the gun. They’re not listing stories that condemn the guns by having them used by the perpetrators. Not a parody of guns themselves, but a parody of the arguments used by VPC/BC/MAIG.

  5. Great parody is often hard to distinguish from the thing being parodied. Gun restriction theology, and leftism in general, seems more and more to be a parody of itself. Add both of those, and it’s understandable that some would make the mistake.

    But I really liked this one.

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