USPSA match through the eyes of the shooter

Here is video via my video camera glasses of stages at a USPSA match I shot last Sunday. The individual stage results are here. The overall (combined) results are here. I came in second.

I would like to suggest this is part of the reason the Brady Campaign and others don’t want us to have guns—we have too much fun.


Here is stage winner, Adam, shooting “Door What?”:

Update2: Here is the second place shooter on this stage, Don, shooting “Door What?” Notice that he is limping a little bit? He is due for a total knee replacement the first of next month. He scheduled it immediately after the monthly USPSA match and maximally distance from the monthly Steel Challenge match. We’ll see if he makes it to the next match with his new knee…


12 thoughts on “USPSA match through the eyes of the shooter

  1. Nice.

    The last target’s holes were an 1 1/2 apart – dead center.

    The Shooter Point-Of-View cam looks like it worked great.

  2. Well, the snow certainly makes finding the casings easier!

    Those cameras are going to prove to be invaluable for competitive shooters, I think, if only to show them what they did wrong and exactly where.

  3. Linoge,

    Actually it is tougher because unless the snow is packed down they disappear. Even on the packed snow they frequently melt the snow enough to just leave a small hole on the surface on their way to invisibility. That is why you will see tarps laid down in some of the images–to catch the brass.

  4. Looks like fun, wish I had time to do that sort of thing.

    In Detroit we use real people and crappy .25 ACPs

  5. That’s why we scroungers love visiting the range after the first thaw: free brass and lead!

  6. I was going to say, spoken like someone who’s never scrounged brass in snow 🙂 Joe is right. It melts right on down. If it’s really nicely packed snow or ice, it will often times freeze into it, so you can’t recover it wearing a pair of gloves, and have to chip it out. Brass is easier to recover in summer than in snow.

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