Son of John Lennon likes shooting

John Lennon’s son, Sean, says he really enjoys shooting guns. He also says he doesn’t people should be armed. But that might change—his girlfriend is from Georgia and “Lennon was invited down to the shooting range so that the family could see if their daughter’s new squeeze was ‘a straight shooter’.”

The more familiar he becomes with guns the more likely he is to realize his feelings toward them really are because of the misuse of the gun by a mentally disturbed individual rather than the possession of firearms by ordinary people.

Taking a new shooter to the range is an important part of winning. This example is just another small step to driving the anti-gun activists into political extinction.


3 thoughts on “Son of John Lennon likes shooting

  1. My wife and I have a private range on our property and so far we have hosted three RWVA ‘Appleseed’ shoots. Watching new shooters and especially youngsters is really quite a pleasure. The empowerment that a woman attains by becoming ‘gun’ savvy is awesome.

  2. Ahhhhh… but he doesn’t actually understand history.

    “The right to bear arms had to do with a time when Americans were scared of native Indians because we were desecrating their land. It was a time when people wanted to militarise very quickly. But I don’t think it applies to modern society. It’s dangerous to walk in certain places when everyone’s armed.”

    No it didn’t, it had to do with protecting freedom from an overreaching government. And what places are MORE dangerous when everyone is armed?

    That statement alone fails Joe’s test.

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