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I wonder if future generations of children will play “TSA Agent” instead of “Doctor”.


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  1. Nope, you see we have laws to protect our children from bullying and bad behavior by adults and other children around them… and I am sure you understand I am not serious about this answer. I am waiting for the law against the law to show up soon.

  2. Hmm. Yeah; “You can’t ride my trike unless you show me your stuff first.” I could see that. I don’t know whether the TSA agents would be insulted by that or if they’d like it, or whether they’d feel left out if not invited to play along. Would the kids be subject to arrest for insensitivity toward TSA agents, or for impersonating them?

    Meanwhile, the Republicans are busy, conferencing feverishly, trying to decide what it is they should pretend to believe, the left is pissed off that their moment in history is slipping through their fingers for no good reason that they can understand, and I’m thinking; “Maybe there is hope.”

  3. Let’s play TSA and passengers: bus a classroom of toddlers to a local dog park. Inside the fence is ‘the plane’. The dogs will be the ‘poorly screened diversity which is the source of America’s strength.’ Any adults will be the TSA agents assigned to guard the kids; they have to stay outside the fence, ‘on the ground’. Probably the dogs will play nice and not hurt anybody. If there is one or two dangerous dog that starts biting or knocking kids down, the kids ‘on the plane’ can figure out how to subdue the dog without help.

    If any toddler complains, say “you are banned from flying. You shouldn’t have flown across country; now you’re screwed.” Drive off and let the toddler figure out how to get home on his own.

  4. I’ve had my fair share of UFIA on my trauma rotation for med school.

    I feel qualified enough to teach TSA agents. In fact, they should probably come get trained by us. At least we use lube and give them warning.

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