Boomershoot adventure details

As reported on Saturday we (Caleb, Kim, Sarah, Matt, Buddy, and I) had a small Boomershoot adventure. We made and blew up a snow castle. Here is the crew (minus me):


Kim also has some pictures on Facebook.

Kim took most of the pictures while Sarah, Matt, and Caleb built the snow castle wall and I prepped the chalk dispensing target:


The final snow castle wall just prior to destruction:


The road flares are to ignite the four gallons of gasoline located high on the left side of the wall, on top of (and behind) the 6 pounds of Boomerite.

The snow, gasoline, and dirt went flying when the Boomerite detonated:


I expected the ground to be bare beneath the explosion but that was not quite the case. Apparently the explosives were too high above the ground to clear it of snow:


Next time we should put the explosives much lower to give the snow more lift.


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  1. That first photo of the snow castle detonation looks like a probe droid landing on Hoth.

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