Quote of the day—The Madman

I thought to myself: “Brady Bunch lady, are you serious? You’re trying to cover his sign? What, are you five years old?”

The Madman
November 29, 2010
Anti-Gunners Are Childish
[Hmmm… mental maturity of five? That sounds about right for a Brady Campaign supporter.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—The Madman

  1. Well, when you’ve started with false premises and demanded irrational solutions to imagined problems, there’s nothing good going to come out of it. If you hold on to your false premises and irrationality, it will eventually drive you to destruction. Such is the left in general. Too bad it affects so many innocent people.

    Why can’t the antis just all get together and start their own beautiful commune down in Guyana? I can answer that – because they’d have a harder time screwing with Americans from way down there. Maximum damage to the Primary Object of Hatred (American principles) is to be done right here, from within.

  2. I think you have it at least partially wrong or maybe just incomplete.

    They are parasites and require a host. They cannot leave the productive people behind.

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