The law in Idaho

Via Laurel we have this story from just a few miles south of my bunker in Moscow:

A northern Idaho sheriff says he is not advocating the illegal shooting of federally protected wolves by offering a hunting rifle and a shovel as the prize in a raffle called “.308 SSS Wolf Pack Raffle” in a region where SSS commonly stands for “shoot, shovel and shut up.”

Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings tells the Lewiston Tribune that the SSS in the raffle stands for “safety, security and survival.”

The newspaper reports that the SSS in the wolf-shooting context often appears in the area on bumper stickers.

Raffle tickets went on sale Friday for $1 each or 11 for $10. The prize is a Winchester .308-caliber Model 70 Featherweight rifle and a shovel. The drawing is planned for March 8.

Laurel called them and she has details on how you can purchase raffle tickets.

Most of the scary wolf stories I have heard have been from Idaho county. That the sheriff is participating in this is no surprise to me.


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