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There are only two other states requiring the sale of confiscated weapons, Kentucky and Tennessee, both of which must have state governments almost as brainsick as Arizona’s. The NRA says why not sell these weapons to an authorized agent, and therein lies the problem. Gun show participants are authorized agents, and carry a loophole that would allow individual to individual weapons sales without background checks.

Jack E. Dunning
November 29, 2010
Arizona continues to lead the nation in putting more guns in the public’s hands
[This appears to be another case of someone lacking a thinking process. Not only does he have an error in his facts about gun shows but if you read the rest of his post you will discover he apparently believes there is a fixed supply of guns in the universe—he wants the police to destroy all confiscated firearms.

The only people that gain from destroying confiscated firearms are the people employed to do that and the gun manufactures. Yes, this anti-gun advocate is proposing a policy that benefits the gun manufactures by decreasing the supply of firearms in the marketplace. A decreased supply means more sales at a higher price for suppliers.

Sometimes I suspect they really are stupid. But if they were as stupid as they appear they couldn’t manage to string together the words into complete sentences. Nope, I think it has to be a mental defect.—Joe]


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  1. The pansies are given to random bouts of hysteria and uncontrolled emotional outbursts. The inability to separate reality from fantasy lends itself to a tentative diagnosis of borderline personality disorder or high functioning schizophrenia.

    Medication and counseling are in order, but I don’t expect miracles.

  2. If you look at things in the proper light, there is a limited supply of guns in the universe. You just have to consider the time-axis and note that we just haven’t gotten around to making all of them yet.

  3. I can’t see why it is so bad to support gun manufacturers. After all, a lot of them are located in the USA and they provide jobs for Americans, something that seems to be in short supply these days.

    I’m opposed to destroying antique/collectible weapons but the rest of them?

  4. Mr. Dunning needs to get his “facts” straight; while Kentucky does auction confiscated weapons, they are only sold to valid FFL holders. Excerpted from the KRS:

    16.220 Public auction of confiscated firearms — Disposition of proceeds — Department of Kentucky State Police treatment of transferred firearms.
    (1) Subject to the duty to return confiscated firearms to innocent owners pursuant to KRS 500.090, all firearms confiscated by the Department of Kentucky State Police and not retained for official use pursuant to KRS 500.090 shall be sold at public auction to federally licensed firearms dealers holding a license appropriate for the type of firearm sold.

  5. Yes Linoge, ubu52 is in fact supporting the broken window fallacy.

    Told you, medication is needed and don’t expect miracles.

  6. “I’m opposed to destroying antique/collectible weapons but the rest of them?”

    Let’s see: there’s a lot of M1911 collectibles, and, given that it’s also a design almost 100 years old, antique…yet it’s still a popular gun design for self defense.

    Furthermore, any gun is collectible–indeed, gun enthusiasts collect all sorts of guns, for various reasons–and any gun has the potential of becoming antique.

    Thus, we can conclude that Ubu is against destroying any gun. We need to remember that!

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