Quote of the day–Xenia

Why did he marry his dead wife’s brother-in-law’s sister?

Daughter Xenia
November 25, 2010
[I wanted to answer, “Because there was a shortage of women, this is cattle country, and there were no sheep.” But there were too many relatives around listening in and I just said there was a shortage of women.

This came about because while at my brother’s place for Thanksgiving Xenia wanted to know how she was related to some guy that looked and acted kind of like a caricature of some inbred from West Virginia. It was complicated and we couldn’t help but amuse ourselves by giving her all the details of the two sisters marrying the two brothers from another family, the brother and sister marrying the sister and brother from another family (one was married in ‘45 and the other in ‘54), and the double cousins that lived in the same house. Even though she was drawing and labeling a graph she said her head was about to explode so we stopped before trying to put the lines on the tree to show that if you go back far enough her mother and I are cousins from…West Virginia.—Joe]


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  1. My parents decided to do some geneology work when they went to visit Kentucky, where my father’s people are from. He went to the county seat, and it turns out that the county controller has the same last name. (My last name is by no means a common one.) She asks him, “who was your father?”

    “M.C. [Name].”

    “Look at that! He’s my cousin! Who was your mother?”

    “Elsie [Maiden name].”

    “She’s my cousin too!” (Cue dueling banjos in the distance.)

    She did explain on further questioning that she was a blood cousin of my grandfather but a cousin by marriage (other than to my grandfather) of my grandmother.

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