Quote of the day—Jack Donovan

It’s time to quit worrying and learn to love the battle axe. History teaches us that if we don’t, someone else will.

Jack Donovan
Violence is Golden
[Via Linoge and Hsoi.

I find the phrase “battle axe” somewhat jarring. It should be “gun”. But perhaps Donovan intended it to be jarring. A battle axe is far more messy than a gun. A gun is civilized. Referring to a battle axe instead of a gun brings the point into sharper focus (puns intended).—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jack Donovan

  1. Well, they use “battle axe” because of the website (Arthur’s Hall of Viking Manliness). Vikings… axes… just keeping with the idiom. 🙂

  2. Besides, Joe – we’ve spent a lot of time preaching to the anti’s, refuting (or as Sarah Paline might put it, “refudiating”) the premise that “guns are only meant for one thing, to kill people”. And in fact, guns do have a variety of non-lethal purposes.

    Now a battle axe; there’s a single purpose tool if ever there was one!

  3. “Now a battle axe; there’s a single purpose tool if ever there was one!”

    Not if you have one of those battle-axes with the bottle-opener on the back. A must-have at parties!

  4. So does this make it a meta-meta-quote-of-the-day, or is me linking to it as opposed to saying it sufficient to break that chain? 😉

    I figured his choice of tools was somewhat dictated by the webpage he was writing at, as Hsoi indicates, but, either way, the point is sound – and, as you say, it makes one hell of a greater impact whipping out a battle axe…

    As long as we are talking about a very large wood-and-human-chopping device, not some old gal…

  5. Battle axes *are* civilized– the Scandinavians used them to bring to England all of the things which now make up American society… laws, rule by the elite, random violence, and rampant alcoholism.

    (I kid, I kid…)

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