TSA admits 4th Amendment violation

Via Alan we have this admission from the TSA:

“No one likes their Fourth Amendment violated going through a security line. But the truth of the matter is we are going to have to do it.”

I am reminded of a quote by William Pitt the younger, “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”

TSA, it’s time for all of you to go—preferably after having been convicted of 18 USC 242.


4 thoughts on “TSA admits 4th Amendment violation

  1. I am flying out of San Diego on 11/24. If they ask me for the x-ray, I will refuse, and if they ask to pat my “junk,” I will have to refuse that, as well.

    Surely, there must be more people willing to stand up, and be Patriots.

  2. They’re not even trying to hide the fact that we are now subjects and slaves, not citizens!

    If this isn’t abuse of power under color of authority, nothing is!

  3. Point out to them that you understand they are “just following orders, while they fail their Milgram Experiment test.” Many of them will not know what it is, but when they look it up, it should get them thinking. Ask them what level of intrusiveness or absurdity they will perform, excusing it as they “don’t make the rules, they just enforce them.” Kind of a psy-ops. Be polite about it, not threatening, just make it clear that they really should be deeply ashamed of their actions.

  4. I was really shocked to hear that if you are picked for the full body scan and refuse. You either have to be pat down or your subject to a day in civil court and up to a $10,000 fine.

    I have said it before that their should be a airline which only allows all naked people and it requires you to kiss a piece of bacon to get on the plane.

    Above airline was always a half joke/ half point. But now I wonder if in 10 years the TSA might just require it.

    The funny thing is when I had to put a shotgun on as luggage, I was nervous, it was the first time I had done it. So I called my gun Buddha, he said “they will open the gun case, appear somewhat freaked out then just shut it”. That is exactly what happened. So my question is how much more could I put in the case explosives wise under the foam.

    The T.S.A. is once again scared crazy. Probably because of this


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