Quote of the day—Ry Jones

That was the best thing about turning 16 years old. I could drive a car by myself and buy dynamite without my parents knowing about it.

Ry Jones
November 6, 2010
[A bunch of us were talking about how things used to be back when our country was a little freer. The quote above was one of Ry’s contribution to the conversation. This was said while making explosives to blow up some pumpkins.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ry Jones

  1. Even before I could drive, I used to tie my .22 rifle across my handlebars and ride out to the “country” and shoot stuff.

    Try doing that now.

  2. You know, when I was a kid the old-timers would tell me stuff about all the cool stuff they used to be able to do when they were youngsters, and I would ask them why we kids couldn’t do them nowadays, and I invariably got the less-than-satisfying answer “because things are different now.” I was lucky if I could go as far as the park, which was practically an extension of our back yard. I can never shake the feeling that I really missed out on something really special. And the way things are going now, it seems like kids are allowed to do even less than I was.

  3. In my single digit years and beyond, my brothers and I would grab a rifle or two from the living room corner where they sat against the wall, carry them through town, and go shooting. No one ever said a word to us about it, until much later, when we got our first “town clown” (sheriff’s deputy). As big an asshole as he was, who did not know how to mind his own business, the most he could do was check to make sure our guns were unloaded as we walked through town. Our mom would buy ammo for us in Spokane where she worked, and hand it over to us. We were in charge of the whole thing otherwise. She’d make sure we had a good supply, for one thing, because we brought home the occasional grouse for dinner, which she would prepare for us. We didn’t even know what a “hunting license” was until later in life.

    When an older brother had made enough working on the local farms that he could buy a shotgun, I remember going with him to K-Mart in Spokane. Three teenagers, one buying a shotgun. They had a store policy that the clerk had to accompany us out of the store with our shotgun and the ammo, whereupon we went on our merry way with the new purchase. We thought they must surely be severely retarded. I still think we were correct in that assessment. Even a (non retarded) kid can understand that if we’d been intent on holding up the place, all we’d have to do is load our new shotgun in the parking lot and walk right back into the store.

    Yes; times are different. They are different solely because of all the leftist bullshit that has infected our society at all levels. The leftists then use the bullshit they created, as examples, justifying their bullshit. Times are different because we tolerate leftists and fall for their retarded assertions.

    It’s far beyond time for them to just fuck right the hell off, permanently, but now it’s too late– the damage has been done, and there’s no way out of it but through great suffering (which has been the point all along).

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