People are ‘really’ interested in lingerie

My previous post on the Windows Phone 7 advertisement posting generating lots of search hits on my blog for information about the woman in lingerie generated still more traffic on the topic.

On November 2, the day before yesterday, searches about the woman wearing lingerie in the Windows Phone 7 advertisement constituted over 91% of all searches on my blog. 984 (actually this is a little low because my spreadsheet doesn’t account for some misspellings) out of 1078 search engine hits were with searches containing (“window” OR “phone” OR “lingerie”). A visual scan of those searches confirmed all those hits were because of an interest in “girl”, “woman”, “brunette”, or “hot chick”.

I guess it must be true that sex sells.


3 thoughts on “People are ‘really’ interested in lingerie

  1. Are you claiming that she isn’t a robot? Tell the programmers that the motor speeds need to be modulated to look realistic. As long as they program cooking skills and don’t include Clippy, I think Microsoft has a real winner with this product.

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