Quote of the day—Michael Maio

Sounds like it’s time to put ’em up against the wall. Without the right to vote, there’s nothing left but direct force.

Michael Maio
Sunday 11/22/98 9:37 PM
SOC Libertarian Discussion
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In response to a report that the Federal Government concealed the results of an election to make marijuana legal for medical uses.
[I was reminded of this by what Alan said.

It’s something to keep in mind on this election day.—Joe]


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  1. No disrespect meant to Joe, but I’d like to publically retract my own quote. 🙂

    Though I do think that those who serve in government positions across this country would do themselves well to remember that this nation was founded on a violent revolution against taxation without representation and other abuses of political power, I think there are better remedies to be tried in the event of electoral fraud before putting people up against walls (especially for something as minor as marijuana legalization). Being a much younger person back then, I wrote that quote as much for shock value as anything else. I was mostly just burning away the remainder of my restless youth before I settled down with kids. I’ve since realized that what is done to me, by the government or any enemy, is far less important than what I do to, or for, others. This lesson was taught to perfection by Jesus, and you can take that to the spiritual bank.

    That said, I will say this: Excess taxation robs us of the ability to _freely_ give the fruits of our labor to the needs of our neighbor, as I believe God intended. Christ did not command the poor to steal from the rich but rather that the rich give to the poor. From God’s questioning of Cain about Abel’s whereabouts to Christ’s Golden Rule, it has been clear (to me, anyway), that we are our brother’s keeper, whether we like it or not. So if the newly empowered Republicans are now able to get the government to give people some of their money back, it will time for those people to ante up and take care of their brothers and sisters. For example (and I’m exaggerating a bit here, not for shock value but simplicity), if the Department of Education gets disbanded on Monday, then on Tuesday I want to see an American Education Assistance Foundation created by volunteers, and watch the donations roll in. If the unemployment and welfare programs are defunded on Wednesday, then on Thursday I want to see an American Housing and Food Assistance Foundation helping people out with their rent/mortgages and food costs.

    People tend to give governments more power when they see problems not getting taken care of. People who want less government need to be ready to do what it takes to show more government isn’t needed.

    Michael Maio

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