Maybe now they will let people defend themselves

California is likely going to be forced to release 40,000 inmates from prisons due to over crowding.

With the economic in shambles few of these people will be able to find work and will resort to crime for the basic necessities. With the huge deficit and debt California has don’t expect an expansion of parole officers and/or police to protect the public from people that are still dangerous. And besides, what would they do with them if they caught them committing a crime? Put them back in the prison that was already overflowing?

California politicians who oppose people being able to defend themselves may face a sudden change of attitude in their voters in regards to gun control.

One might also expect a rise in the black market. The excessive regulation and high taxes stifle the utilization of cheap labor these newly released inmates represent. If the incentives to go straight are strong enough (getting shot for committing a minor crime could be sufficiently motivating) the price of the labor will become very low. If the labor is cheap enough entrepreneurs will consider getting into a grey market which bypasses the regulations and taxes. I would not be surprised that a dollar earned “below the radar” of the state is worth two dollars earned in full compliance with the state. If this does happened the underground economy will further erode the financial position of the state.

And what will be the end result? Will it be a Mad Max world, a libertarian utopia, or an invitation for the Feds to create a police state?

Brady’s are begging


I got another begging letter from the BC, and in this one Paul Helmke says they have a $250,000 deficit:

Dear (friendly_iconoclast),

I am writing to you today as one of the Brady Campaign’s most loyal friends because we really need your help…

…But the truth is, because we’ve been fighting so hard on so many fronts, we’re facing a serious financial shortfall.

I need to make up a $250,000 budget shortfall before the end of the year….

Maybe they should ask the NRA for a loan. After all, the Brady Campaign has done wonders for their fundraising…

If they were a publically traded company I would consider attempting a hostile takeover (I could get a NRA range grant to build a Brady Campaign Memorial Boomershoot East, couldn’t I?). I would hire Tamara to write all their media releases for month or two as we liquidated every asset and did Boomerite experiments in the ashes.

Order to buy

Microsoft’s Kinect is doing quite well and may soon be a sex toy as well. People that don’t quite “get it” when it is described to them end up spending hours playing with it when they try it. People at work are complaining of sore muscles and some are even seeing the doctor for before coming back to work after a long weekend of dancing and jumping around in front of their televisions .

Windows Phone 7, particularly when running on a Samsung Focus, is getting a lot of praise and sales are going well for it too.

We have a little bit of money left over from some recent financial shuffling and I put in an order to buy a little more Microsoft stock.

*I’m a Microsoft employee but any “insider” information I have isn’t worth what ten minutes of searching the web would gain you.

Random thought of the day

When having a discussion about Federal taxes being too high I’ve had people tell me, “You have nothing to complain about. Your state receives more Federal money than it pays in Federal taxes.”

I think the proper response to this is, “It doesn’t come back in the form of gold. It arrives in the form of whips, chains, and taskmasters.”

Before I visit New Jersey again

Before I visit New Jersey again (it’s been over 30 years since my last visit) they have to fix the gun laws or start issuing tags (varmint licenses would work too) for politicians and police officers.

Why? Because a New Jersey is man serving 7 years for guns he owned legally.

More comments on the topic here and here.

Is David Pruss in trouble again?

A few years ago my brother helped capture David Pruss and wrote up his story of the event which I posted.

This morning I got a Google hit from a court in Ohio:

Domain Name ? (U.S. Government)
IP Address 208.27.111.# (US COURTS)
ISP Sprint
Continent  : North America
Country  : United States  (Facts)
State  : Ohio
City  : South Solon
Lat/Long  : 39.7462, -83.5451 (Map)
Distance  : 1,736 miles
Language English (U.S.)
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Browser Internet Explorer 8.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; InfoPath.2)
Javascript version 1.3
Resolution  :  768 x 576
Color Depth  :  32 bits
Time of Visit   Nov 30 2010 7:48:18 am
Last Page View Nov 30 2010 7:49:05 am
Visit Length 47 seconds
Page Views   2
Referring URL…wYa3DMKwV6xGJxCorScA
Search Engine
Search Words david pruss
Visit Entry Page http://blog.joehuffm…AboutDavidPruss.aspx
Visit Exit Page http://blog.joehuffm…They Caught Him.aspx
Out Click  
Time Zone UTC-5:00
Visitor’s Time Nov 30 2010 10:48:18 am
Visit Number 949,960

It could be an entirely different David Pruss but I do know that some time after he was released the Sheriff was looking for him again.

Steel match results

As I previously mentioned I attended a Steel Challenge match on Sunday. Here are the results:

Name Stage 1 Jethro’s Pyramid Paradox Pendulum Smoke & Hope Total
Adam 10.19 14.56 15.48 18.22 11.24 69.69
Don 10.16 16.1 16.59 19.46 13.52 75.83
Joe 12.55 17.27 16.33 21.35 17.1 84.6
Roger Auto 11.06 19.66 18.38 22.65 16.62 88.37
Roger Revolve 12.98 19.2 19.76 26.41 15.56 93.91
Bob 14.91 22 25.73 27.32 21.31 111.27
Janet 20.71 21.23 23.14 34.61 20.56 120.25
Roxanna 18.91 28.98 27.29 36.05 22.67 133.9
Yellow Cell denotes stage winner.

I’m not sure why Smoke & Hope gave me so much trouble. I was missing those big plates at close range. I was nearly six seconds behind the winner.

The shooting conditions were a little adverse. The footing was poor. With the snow on the ground it was very slick and the white targets had a tendency to disappear into the white background. But we do shoot all year around. In the Seattle area some of the ranges wimp out during the winter and don’t even have outdoor matches.

Click to get a higher resolution version and see that Don had three pieces of brass in the air at once.

Adam is air gunning in preparation for his run on Stage 1.

Adam shows excellent presentation on his way to the first target.

Quote of the day–John Peterson

Wisconsin will soon become the 49th state to endanger unarmed citizens with a gun crazy concealed carry law. While normal Wisconsinites prefer having no guns around as a way of ensuring a safe secure society, immature thugs and their guns will soon get their way via the party of bullying, the GOP.

While these paranoid wing nuts insist there’s nothing safer than a load [sic] gun in the hands of an angry anti-government whiner, the public has no choice but to fight back. Raise your voice, contact the police or business owner and tell them you feel threatened for you and your family.

John Peterson
November 28, 2010
Concealed Carry Killers. And these are only the ones we know about.
[Interesting. With those “great” Wisconsin gun laws how did this happen? It seems that a law against concealing firearms in a backpack and a law against firearms in a school didn’t stop a student from doing just that.

Don’t let the anti-gun people tell you that things would be worse if it weren’t for the restrictions on firearms. Remind them that in the years 1776 through 1990 there were seven school shooting incidents. But after the creation of “Gun-Free” zones in our schools in 1990 there were 78 incidents from 1990 through 2007. References here.

And where are all those people “endangered” by the concealed carry laws in the other 48 states? What is the violence crime rate in those states compared to the violent crime rate in the states that allow people to protect themselves with the best tools available?

Peterson is just another bigot on the wrong side of history.—Joe]

The law in Idaho

Via Laurel we have this story from just a few miles south of my bunker in Moscow:

A northern Idaho sheriff says he is not advocating the illegal shooting of federally protected wolves by offering a hunting rifle and a shovel as the prize in a raffle called “.308 SSS Wolf Pack Raffle” in a region where SSS commonly stands for “shoot, shovel and shut up.”

Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings tells the Lewiston Tribune that the SSS in the raffle stands for “safety, security and survival.”

The newspaper reports that the SSS in the wolf-shooting context often appears in the area on bumper stickers.

Raffle tickets went on sale Friday for $1 each or 11 for $10. The prize is a Winchester .308-caliber Model 70 Featherweight rifle and a shovel. The drawing is planned for March 8.

Laurel called them and she has details on how you can purchase raffle tickets.

Most of the scary wolf stories I have heard have been from Idaho county. That the sheriff is participating in this is no surprise to me.

Instant Incapacitation

Apparently it’s not possible to tell a hunting story in under 1,000 words.  Something about the laws of rhetorical physics.  You’ve been warned.


I choose Late Muzzleloader season in Eastern Washington because it allows the harvest of almost any deer – three point minimum or antlerless.  We see few bucks around here, and since I hunt for the table I don’t care about old, tough bucks with big racks.  They’re chewy and don’t taste as good.  All that and there are very few other hunters out this late.  It’s win win.


Late Muzzleloader lasts one week, so I’ve been out twice a day since last Wednesday.  The below zero temp Wednesday morning was hard to take, but it was beautiful and I remember sitting up in the tree thinking, “This is definitely worth it even if I don’t get a deer.  Wow!”


The tree I sit in is on a steep slope, with deer tracks crisscrossing all below and behind me, with a few tracks in front along the top of the ridge overlooking the Palouse River.  I’ve seen at least six deer by Sunday (or two deer three times) but no clear shots.  Mostly I’ve seen them on the run or behind tens of yards of thick brush as I walk to the stand, or after legal hours.  One of them got stuck in a snow drift.  We usually think of deer as graceful and poised at all times, but this fellow was flailing all over the place, feet in the air even, trying to get away from me.  I was a little bit embarrassed for him.  By the time I’d stumbled out of the brush to get a clear shot though, he was gone.  That’s how it went for several days.  Several shots I could’ve taken, but no.


Sunday evening I was going to stay in and rest up, by my son convinced me go out again.  Good thing.  I see no deer on the way up to the tree.  That’s good.  Infiltration without detection means I have a better chance of sniping one unawares.


I’d been up there for no more than half an hour, mostly looking around behind me where most of the tracks were, trying to spot a deer before it got to me.  Therefore I failed to spot the nice three pointer walking casually along the ridge above, silent as a ghost in the powder snow, until he was right in front of me and already walking away.


It’s a sharp quartering away shot, 20 yards or less at eye level.  Good backstop with several miles of empty farm fields behind.  The time for the ideal shot was spent with my back turned.  Hurry with getting the mitten open so the trigger finger is exposed.  Silently cock the sidelock.  He’s oblivious.  He’s going to be out of view in a few seconds.  I have to duck so I can sight under some hanging pine boughs.  Aim for the heart.  That means hitting behind the rib cage at this angle.  Since I’m bending way down to see under the boughs, my glasses frame is in the way of the rifle sights.  Crap.  Have to dismount and push the glasses farther on.  Take aim again.  Time’s up.


Crack!  I hadn’t thought to worry about the powder charge that had been in the barrel for several days.  After that morning in below zero temperature, the barrel had frosted over when I came inside, and it had been snowing every time after, such that I’d take the barrel out of the stock to dry things out each day.  No problem.  120 grains of FFG under a patched soft lead 50 caliber ball with a #11 percussion cap.  Perfect ignition.  This newfangled percussion system you kids have been using just might catch on.


There’s always a moment of uncertainty for me, especially with black powder because you’re peering through a smoke cloud trying to see what happened to the target.


I’ve heard of “anchoring” the animal in its tracks, but was beginning to think the phenomenon a myth.  My son and I have killed around 9 deer and this has never happened, even with both lungs, and the heart, obliterated they always run some distance.  This time the ball must have upset the central nervous system because the fellow went straight down.  Zap! And he only twitched for a short while.


Some sense of reverence comes upon me when I approach the animal.  It’s happened every time.  They are very beautiful, strong, sleek, and delicious with new potatoes, turkey gravy, fresh fruit and red wine.


The ball had gone in at the back of the ribcage on the right side and exited through the base of the neck under the spine on the left.  ~21.5 inches of penetration, and though you could fit your thumb in the entry wound, I couldn’t get but the tip of my little finger through the skin at the exit wound.  The ball had just barely pooped out of the skin.  Though it’s what we would call a short range prospect, I’m beginning to trust the 50 caliber patched ball load.


It was a good day.  I’m happy, and the freezer will soon be full.


I’m still puzzled.  That pure lead ball leaves the muzzle at around 1920 fps according to my CED chronograph, or a little more ’cause that’s averaged at 15 feet.  Last year I shot a deer at 85 yards and the ball penetrated 25 inches with almost no deformation.  We here concluded that the velocity at impact had been subsonic due to the very poor BC, hence a lower pressure at impact, hence the pristine ball (I recovered it from just under the skin and thought it was probably good enough to load again).  This shot Sunday was at no more than 20 yards, maybe more like 15, yet I see no sign of ball deformation so far (I’ll check it out more closely upon butchering in a few days).  You’d think with all the talk about bullet integrity, hard alloys and such, that a pure lead ball at that velocity would obliterate, giving shallow penetration.  So what gives?

Quote of the day—Jack E. Dunning

There are only two other states requiring the sale of confiscated weapons, Kentucky and Tennessee, both of which must have state governments almost as brainsick as Arizona’s. The NRA says why not sell these weapons to an authorized agent, and therein lies the problem. Gun show participants are authorized agents, and carry a loophole that would allow individual to individual weapons sales without background checks.

Jack E. Dunning
November 29, 2010
Arizona continues to lead the nation in putting more guns in the public’s hands
[This appears to be another case of someone lacking a thinking process. Not only does he have an error in his facts about gun shows but if you read the rest of his post you will discover he apparently believes there is a fixed supply of guns in the universe—he wants the police to destroy all confiscated firearms.

The only people that gain from destroying confiscated firearms are the people employed to do that and the gun manufactures. Yes, this anti-gun advocate is proposing a policy that benefits the gun manufactures by decreasing the supply of firearms in the marketplace. A decreased supply means more sales at a higher price for suppliers.

Sometimes I suspect they really are stupid. But if they were as stupid as they appear they couldn’t manage to string together the words into complete sentences. Nope, I think it has to be a mental defect.—Joe]

Glock 34 Kaboom!

While at the Lewiston Pistol Club Steel Challenge match today I witnessed my first gun Kaboom!

As I reported via Twitter earlier, Bill was shooting his Glock 34 when it experienced a “high energy event”. Although there has been speculation as to the cause nothing definitive has been established.

There was no blood loss and although Bill’s hands stung for many minutes we do not believe any medical attention will be required.


Click on the pictures for high resolution versions.

Quote of the day—Thomas Jefferson

On every unauthoritative exercise of power by the legislature must the people rise in rebellion or their silence be construed into a surrender of that power to them? If so, how many rebellions should we have had already?

Thomas Jefferson
Notes on Virginia, 1782.
From here.
[Translating to a simpler form, “Just because we haven’t yet rebelled due to the government overstepping of the constitution in the past doesn’t mean that we won’t hold the government responsible for those infringements in the future.”—Joe]

The view from north central Idaho

I knew the big snow storm was coming and rather than make a trip back to the Seattle area last Sunday I stayed in Idaho and worked from home the first part of this week. This saved me two trips over Snoqualmie Pass and 600 miles of travel on slick roads.

This was the view from my “office” on Tuesday:


These are from Thanksgiving day at my parents and brother’s place (they live a couple hundred feet from each other):


The picture below is also from Thanksgiving day on the farm and is to supplement this post. This is the old pull type combine parked behind the barn I was talking about:


Quote of the day—Jon Agner

The Second Amendment is not about hunting, it’s about an armed citizenry. That’s an unsettling concept for many people. For others, it’s a bedrock of security, constitutionally guaranteed.

Jon Agner
November 24, 2010
Guns and violence: McKelvey wrong on heritage, history
[Blacks walking around anywhere, anytime, without supervision instead of being slaves—that is an unsettling concept for many people. And it’s constitutionally guaranteed.

The problems is as minor restrictions on firearms ownership (or blacks/Jews/gays/whatever) increase the people least in need of restrictions will be affected the most and those that would have abused their freedoms will be affected the least. Hence minor restrictions cause more harm than good. Extensive restrictions are blatant infringements and while they might repress certain aspects of the original problem they create their own disastrous consequences.

And that is the basis of the conflict and why there cannot be a reasonable compromise. A society can choose freedom or suffer the alternative.—Joe]

TSA as the Berlin Wall

There are many obvious parallels which could be draw between the TSA and Berlin Wall. The restrictions on travel, freedom, and of course the infamous “Papers!” line from movies about Nazi Germany.

But I want to point out a less obvious parallel—the way the Berlin Wall fell.

On November 9, 1989 there was a misunderstanding between the politburo and their spokesman about a change in travel policy. This was amplified by the media getting the message even more messed up (don’t they always?). The media ended up saying, “The borders are open to everyone” instead of some East Berliners will be allowed to cross if they have proper permission (presumably if they were politically connected and had close relatives to stay behind as hostages).

Crowds of people gathered at the wall and demanded the border guards immediately open the gates. The guards were overwhelmed (no injuries as far as I know) and let people through with little or no checking of papers.

The same thing could happen with the TSA. The only reason they have power over us is because we give them that power. We could ignore their demands for our papers, push their scanning machines aside, and walk straight to our gates and board our planes. If 10s of thousands did it all on the same day the game would be over in a matter of hours.

The guards at the Berlin Wall had machine guns. The TSA just have their uniforms and our timidity.

Quote of the day–Xenia

Why did he marry his dead wife’s brother-in-law’s sister?

Daughter Xenia
November 25, 2010
[I wanted to answer, “Because there was a shortage of women, this is cattle country, and there were no sheep.” But there were too many relatives around listening in and I just said there was a shortage of women.

This came about because while at my brother’s place for Thanksgiving Xenia wanted to know how she was related to some guy that looked and acted kind of like a caricature of some inbred from West Virginia. It was complicated and we couldn’t help but amuse ourselves by giving her all the details of the two sisters marrying the two brothers from another family, the brother and sister marrying the sister and brother from another family (one was married in ‘45 and the other in ‘54), and the double cousins that lived in the same house. Even though she was drawing and labeling a graph she said her head was about to explode so we stopped before trying to put the lines on the tree to show that if you go back far enough her mother and I are cousins from…West Virginia.—Joe]

Quote of the day—Roberta X

I find these handguns unaesthetic. They’re ugly. They’re in-between things of no particular utility — but if we banned things on the basis of ugliness and relative uselessness, there’s a whole lot of people who’d never be allowed out of the house.

Roberta X
November 21, 2010
Pretzel Helmke Logic
[Agreed. And if such bans were legal and ethical the first useless thing I wouldn’t allow out of the house would be Paul Helmke. But that isn’t the way this part of world works and it shouldn’t work that way. So we need to continue shaming and pointing out his lies and mental defects.

Roberta did a good job but I kept thinking that in the next sentence she was going to point out that the Columbine killers used an ordinary shotgun (which they had sawed off the buttstock) for most of the murders. But that wouldn’t have fit Helmke’s narrative of an “assault weapon” being the real criminal.

Do you think I’m exaggerating? If so then why did Helmke use these exact words, “The TEC-9 assault pistol used by the Columbine killers murdered 12 of their classmates and a teacher.”?—Joe]