Quote of the day—Dave Workman

The clock is ticking down and this election is very much in play. Those who resign themselves to thinking otherwise are their own worst enemies.

Here it is in simple terms: A vote for someone other than Rossi is a vote for Murray. A vote for Murray is a vote for Schumer.

Any questions?

Dave Workman
October 29, 2010
High stakes for gun owners in Tuesday’s Senate election
[Polls put Murray and Rossi very, very close:

Indeed, Republicans got a good poll in Washington tonight, although it comes with some qualifications. The survey, from Rasmussen Reports, gave Dino Rossi a 1-point lead over Patty Murray, the Democrat. Rasmussen’s previous survey of the state had given Ms. Murray a 3-point lead.

Now for the qualifications: Rasmussen has had a rather different impression of the state than other pollsters. Since Labor Day, Rasmussen and its subsidiary Pulse Opinion Research has polled the state seven times; four of their polls put Mr. Rossi ahead. By contrast, there have been nine polls of the state by companies other that Rasmussen. All nine of them gave Ms. Murray a lead, although usually by small margins.

Murray has never seen a gun control bill she didn’t like. Rossi is a good guy on guns and good on the economic issues as well.

If you are eligible to vote in Washington state please vote for Rossi. Remember how things went for Rossi in his last election. He needs enough votes to make another election theft improbable.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dave Workman

  1. The problem, Joe is that it is Washington. The demothugs will simply keep recounting the votes until Murray wins.

  2. I cast my vote, but WA politics all hinges on King County. If Rossi can get even close to 50% of the votes there the rest of the state will hand the election to him.

  3. I really, really hate the near total lock the two big parties have on our elections. Let’s face it, Washington isn’t going to change until we can break the two party system and make the R’s and D’s realize they can’t just keep passing power back and forth. Until then, we’ll continue to have the only choice be between bad and worse.

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