I am a direct descendent of God

Sometimes when Barbara disagrees with me over something I remind her that I am a direct descendent of God and she should not be questioning my wisdom. Yeah. That goes over about as well as you think it would.

So what is the justification for my claim?

My Great Great Grandfather (on my mothers, mothers side) was William W. Davies. Read the article.

What isn’t in the article is that his two sons (reincarnated Jesus Christ and God the Father) were very, very bright and could quote large portions of the Bible verbatim. Also W. W. believed himself to be “The Holy Spirit”. Together they were The Trinity.

Hence my claim of being a direct descendent of God isn’t totally baseless and often serves as a tension breaker.

I bring this up because of a discussion in the comments here. Also of possible interest is that a portion of W. W.’s cabin is on display in a museum in Walla Walla Washington.


4 thoughts on “I am a direct descendent of God

  1. We are all children of God, of course, and someday we will be expected to grow up and take over the family business.

  2. Well at least he left for a good reason. After the mass killing he must have said “well if thats god’s will, I am sure I could do better”.

    You truly have a interesting family history.

  3. Not only do you have an interesting family history, but you also seem to live in a place with interesting historical intersections.

    Your statement about Japanese Americans, and how census data was used to round them up in pens that were later used in county fairs, has struck a chord with me. Before I read about what you have learned from that, I was only aware of the Topaz Mountain camp in Utah.

    The funny thing about God’s will is this: whether or not there is a god, or gods, people have free will, and people often do funny things with their wills. It’s what makes life interesting!

    But it also makes life chaotic, which is why so many people find the idea of central economies so attractive…which, in turn, make things more chaotic, because central economies always run counter to the free will of individuals.

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