Quote of the day—Sebastian

Thank you, Erik Dilan, for calling it a “fine.” You’re making the inevitable multi-million dollar lawsuit against your city that much easier.

October 26, 2010
Bloomberg Looking to Avoid a Lawsuit
[A New York City Councilman says that you need to pay a fine to own a firearm. That is just so awesome! It is like (H/T to Rob B. who sent me an email)  when the gun store opened in Sunnyvale California and the nearby residents said things like, ““I feel as if having [a gun store] in close proximity to many schools is a danger.”

These people just don’t get it. What if you had to pay a fine to be a practicing Jew, Muslim, or Christian? What if the neighbors wanted zoning to keep Jewish Delis and the residences of homosexuals more than one mile from all schools? Feelings are only loosely correlated with reality.

To put these people in their place it’s going to take the same sort of slap down by the courts that it took to put people in their place who said things like, “God damn, God damn, what is this God damn country coming to that the niggers have got guns, the niggers are armed and the police can’t even arrest them!”—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sebastian

  1. “God damn, God damn, what is this God damn country coming to…”

    Well hopefully it’s coming into its founding principles, for once. We’ll see. One can certainly hope. Keep spreading the word and maybe it can happen. See there, Joe? You’re an evangelist. Heh.

  2. I like this quote:
    “I don’t know how anybody could . . . speculate that we’re going to be sued by the National Rifle Association or any other entity for the fee when it’s been set at that rate for several years,” he said.

    Which would be analogous to:
    “I don’t know how anybody could… speculate that we’re going to be sued by the NAACP or ACLU or any other entity for the practice, when we’ve been selling niggers as slaves for decades.”

  3. Also,

    If you have to pay a “fine” in advance of some action, wouldn’t that be “prior restraint?” I think we have laws against that, too.

  4. “Usually I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this article really forced me to do so! Thanks, really nice article.”

    Wow, Joe, you’re even impressing the spam bots!

    Just for the record, I like the quote too, as well as the points you are making.

  5. Yeah, I’m not sure how the spam bot made it past the CAPTCHA. I let him stay for a while longer than normal just because I was impressed.

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