Gaining traction

Via Say Uncle and Greg.

“Bigots” is used in the MSM to describe those opposed to guns in public:

Despite Florida’s reputation as a gun-crazy state, we actually are like some socialist European country when it comes to bearing our arms. We make people get permits and hide their heat under jackets and coats, lest they offend the sissy gun bigots.

It’s pretty amazing to think how much has changed in the last 10 years. And don’t forget it could have changed that much or more in the other direction. Think of the change in recreational drug use/tolerance from the early 70’s to the 80s’. Think of naked pictures of airplane passengers now versus 10 years ago. Think of Jews in Germany in 1930 versus 1940.

When people say something “could never happen here” tell them to read their history. Attitudes can change very, very fast.

We have gained a lot of traction on the gun rights agenda in the last 10 years. We need to keep the “pedal to the metal” and push the bigots as close to political extermination as we can.


3 thoughts on “Gaining traction

  1. Although the author of this article is pro-gun, his opinion on this topic was slanted against open carry. I’m wondering if “sissy gun bigots” was meant more in an sarcastic way? Still – it’s interesting to see the term in print, even if is wasn’t meant exactly the way we’d prefer.

  2. Given the overall tone of the article and the fact that he clearly is opposed to open carry I’m inclined to think he said it sarcastically.

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