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There has been some very good postings about “need” recently. Perhaps a good comeback for the Marxist with the mindset of “to everyone according to their needs” can be expressed a little more succulently.

In this country the people don’t have to justify their needs to the government. The government has to justify their needs to the people.


8 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. Too bad the Government isn’t getting the message that We, the People don’t need what they think we need.

  2. “In this country the people don’t have to justify their needs to the people. The government has to justify their needs to the people.”

    Did you mean to use the word “people” twice in the first sentence?

    Plus, I agree with Les.

  3. @Knotthead I would assume Joe did mean to use people twice. I don’t have to justify my needs to anyone, you, Joe, or the Government. Who I do have to justify it to, is myself and my wife. We’re the one’s paying the bills for our needs.


  4. Knotthead,

    I didn’t and I fixed it.

    Thank you.

    Although it could have been “…justify their needs to other people” and worked just as well–as Barron points out.

  5. When I gave it some thought, I actually came to agree with Marx’s saying of “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need.” It’s very good personal advice: I decide what my abilities are, I figure out what other people’s needs are, and I act accordingly…in the process, I’ll get rich–or at least, well-off–and then I could seek out other people who have needs but not means to pay you, and offer them some real help.

    But when you let a Bureaucrat decide what people’s abilities are, and what people’s needs are, Evil Things happen…which is why Marxism is so bad, in all its forms.

  6. The practical result, when government steps in to decide what you “need” is a downward spiral that ends up with your “needing” only the barest of subsistence. When that fails, as it always does, you will end up with no “need” to survive at all.

    Anyone who would step in and be our “need police” should be opposed with all vigor and without further discussion. They are the deadliest enemies of Mankind.

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