This just doesn’t make sense to me. But I guess that is to be expected when you are dealing with journalists and anti-gun people:

Wendy Cukier teaches at a business school, so she understands economic imperatives – and the importance of innovation and prosperity. But for the associate dean of Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management, what matters most is preserving core Canadian values around safety, equity and respect for human rights.

This is so full of fail it is mindboggling.

The right to defend oneself is the most basic human right in existence yet she works to restrict it at every opportunity. This endangers and imbalances things. It doesn’t preserve safety and equity.

She understands economic imperatives? Yeah, right. Read the rest of the article. She is all about liberal causes.

An expert in emerging technologies, Prof. Cukier has spent two decades championing workplace diversity and gun control. The unifying themes of her work are innovation and change processes, says the co-author of 2002’s Innovation Nation: Canadian Leadership From Java to Jurassic Park. After spending her early career with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Prof. Cukier became a consultant to organizations such as the Palo Alto, California–based Institute for the Future.

It seems to me it is quite a stretch to connect “emerging technologies” with “championing workplace diversity and gun control”. I wonder if that was Cukier or the writer that came up with that.

Also note:

The Transformational Canadians program celebrates 25 living citizens who have made a difference by immeasurably improving the lives of others. Readers were invited to nominate Canadians who fit this description. Over several weeks, a panel of six judges will select 25 Transformational Canadians from among the nominees.

Nominations remain open until November 26. Submit yours today.

I think some balance to the anti-rights representative needs to made. Know any pro-freedom Canadians that might qualify?


4 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. I like that the improvements to the lives of others are immeasurable. That makes it easier to make stuff up about the outcomes of her efforts.

  2. Most people that live rural in the 4 Western Provinces of Canada, Newfoundland, and the Inuit up North have absolutely no use for the Professor and her schemes. They also “opted out” as civil disobedience. 164-137 MPs vote in favor of Bill C-391 – it was to drop long gun registry in Canada, not “Restricted” firearms. However, MPs eventually voted 153-151 to save the entire gun registry. It does show a shift from back in 1995 when the original Bill was enacted. People are tired of being BS’d up there, they are tired of being told what is good for them by a bunch of snotty elitists living in Ottawa and not in a rural setting. Read up on C-391 here:

  3. It sounds like she’s got too many things on her plate to devote serious thought to any one issue.

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