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There simply cannot be peace between our people and it’s entirely because of different mentalities, world views and ways of thinking.

Say Uncle
Same planet, different worlds
October 15, 2010
[As I said in the comments to his post:

In another time these people would have been reading entrails or doing trials by fire to make decisions. Some people actually believe evidence and reason are counter productive to good decision making. They are NOT stupid. Some of them sit on the SCOTUS and you don’t get there riding on the short bus.

As further evidence look at Joan Peterson “rest her case” defending against people informing her that she is ignorant and a bigot. This is why Peterson Syndrome was named after her. She simply does not know how to determine truth from falsity. She makes “reasoning noises” (thanks to MJM for that phrase) but she totally lacks the mental processes to follow a path to defendable conclusions.

Frequently the biggest obstacle to problem solving is in understanding and defining the problem. I think I have now done that. But now that we know the problem I think we still have a huge obstacle. I don’t know how, or if, these mental defects can be cured or prevented. But I do know that if we don’t find a solution soon Darwin is currently implementing a solution which is extremely painful for everyone.—Joe]


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  1. The most disturbing aspect about dealing with those who suffer from Peterson Syndrome is their like-minded “Fellow Traveler’s”. Couple of examples: Tim Kaine (head of the DNC) warned yesterday about “Tea Partyers” pulling New Black Panther Voter Intimidations at the Polls this Election. That English Broad thought making films about kids heads explode because they disagree with Climate Change is a good thing. Whoopi Goldburg and Joy Bahar screaming on “The View” at Bill O’Reilly because he made a comment about how the American Muslim Community needs to step up and denounce the IslamoFascist Terrorists, then storming out screaming the 9/11 Truther crap about how it was an “Inside Job” by Bush.

    These people are shedding their “Sheep’s Clothing”, and are revealing their Totalitarian Attitudes more and more often. If they have there way, THEY would Disarm all of us, THEY would force us to drive “EcoMobiles”, THEY would have us give up all our wealth, THEY would deny us what’s left of our Privacy and Freedom.

    We must fight them in the Courts, we must fight them in the Elections, we must fight them in the Blogosphere. But if we don’t push them back soon, I fear we’ll be fighting them in the Streets.

  2. I think the key is to push them (further) into irrelevance. Press them in public forums (be they in person, or electronic…in the former make sure to have sound or full video recording) so that they have irrational outbursts and make retorts that a healthy mind will see as strange or incoherent.

    We need to link their bigotry and irrational nature to similar vanquished bigots, such as black haters, anti-Semites, Prohibitionists, Ethnic Cleansers, and such.

    Really the approach is no different that what we’re doing to homophobes and 9-11 Truthers, as well as those who worship the Church of Global Warming. All of those failed ideologies are dying, but are in different stages of decay.

    I’m honestly more concerned about more sticky memes like Socialism, which seems to not want to die and stay dead…

  3. I’m honestly more concerned about more sticky memes like Socialism, which seems to not want to die and stay dead.

    That’s because it’s shiny & pretty on the outside. People don’t see the millions of corpses just under the surface.

  4. It might (stress might) be more helpful to see this, not as an “us verses those people” situation, but more of a battle of principles verses, well, a lack of principles. We’re not fighting certain people, but an “it”. It is a monster that has its teeth and claws in various people. You can defeat the people, but the monster lives on. We’ve seen that happen time and again.

    I prefer to at least attempt to distil this down to its most basic form, which for moment I see as liberty verses theft of our wealth and trampling of our freedom. It might be defined as the American Principles (Liberty, In God we Trust, E Pluribus Unum) verses a hateful, power-hungry crime syndicate that cannot afford to acknowledge the American Principles.

    Like the alcoholic, the beast (or disease) that denies liberty will blame everyone and every thing for its behavior, but it cannot blame its own basic pathology because that would mean letting go of the whole behavior pattern AND taking some responsibility for the problems it’s caused. Study alcoholism and I think you’ll find some new insight there.

  5. I don’t think Ms. Peterson is capable of understanding principles. Any principles presented to her could not be examined for correctness or inconsistency. She can only accept and reject. She cannot distinguish between correct and incorrect.

    If you want to talk about the socialist leadership then I believe you have strong case. But they depend on a large number people, like Ms. Peterson, who are incapable of critical thought who can be counted on to support their agenda.

  6. Thank you all for putting a name to the basic idea of intellectual contempt competing concepts that conflict with held beliefs.. Arguing with said people has to be measured as it often comes off attempting to teach a pig to sing, or worse. The true believers will not be swayed and will view the teachers with contempt or maybe even learn the methods and styles as tools for their craft. Their truth has been blessed, it has the imprimatur by those more knowing and therefor cannot be questioned. It is their religion and critical though is replaced with “faith”, “belief”, good intentions and the fight against evil. There is no question to rational people these are dangerous people that will march to their own demise unknowingly.

    In the end the pig don’t sing and the music man is still spewing rubbish. FRom every corner there must be a clear message that the noises they make are harmful, snake oil, dangerous latent medicine, and in the end god money spend on a bottle of nothing.


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