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Whenever some anti-gun advocate says something to the effect that people carrying their personal defensive tools are trying to live out a fantasy and they would never be able to use them in a real situation anyway we should invite them to play a game of laser tag to confirm their claims in regards to a mass shooting situation.

Arm about 10% of the potential victims and then let the anti-gun bad guy see how far they can make it as they try to play “postman” in the mall, schoolroom, or crowded health club. Repeat without the potential victims being armed. Compare the results and then discuss which scenario played out better for the potential victims.

If they refuse to play then tell them they are living a fantasy and are unwilling to gather and process factual data.


4 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. No, they will just say “That experiment has already been done, and it proves that guns don’t help.” Sure, when the armed student is someone who has no experience carrying or using a sidearm and the shooter has been told who the armed student is beforehand, the shooter will always win.

  2. Insist on a more real situation. Which of the potential victims are armed is unknown to the shooter and 5->10% of them are armed.

  3. Laser tag is expensive. The same test can be run with 99 cent squirt guns.

    The root reason most anti-gun folks are anti-gun is the inconvenience. It is inconvenient to carry a gun, buy a gun, practice with a gun, have a safe place to store it. It is inconvenient just to think about. Likewise, thinking about needing a gun is inconvenient, hearing about somebody being hurt because they couldn’t defend themselves is inconvenient. How different Bush’s presidency would have been, without the inconveniences of the Chinese attacking a US plane, and then 9/11. Think how much more convenient life would be if you had absolutely no need for a gun. “Visualize world peace” liberals actually believe that earnest wishing can make fantasies real, and their passionless fantasies are for an easier, more convenient life. Leftists believe, deep down, that no one ever got raped or murdered, no one ever got stabbed or shot, that WWII didn’t really happen, that evil doesn’t exist.

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