5 thoughts on “Just in time for Christmas

  1. I lust after those Wolverines (they are modeled after ray guns, for Shiva’s sake), but something tells me that gussying it up in a pink livery and “gifting” it to the Better Half will not work out quite as Olympic intends… 😉

  2. Oh sweet, that Whitney Wolverine looks awesome! I’m going to have to get me a black one! 😀

  3. That Wolverine in Pink scares me. That might be the only real firearm on the planet that looks TOO much like a Toy Gun. I know, 4 rules, gun safes, Eddie Eagle, etc. But something tells me that once its passed through a couple of hands, some fool will buy it who doesn’t know how to safely store guns when not in use, and their kids will get hold of it, thinking it’s a toy ray gun to play with their friends and there’ll be a kid shooting on the news. Not saying it should be banned or any of that Anti Crap, just that it might be something that needs to be kept out of the kids sight for awhile, like Playboy.

  4. Speaking purely from an aesthetic perspective, the color hurts my eyes.

    Also, I note that there is no standard pink among gun manufacturers. Offerings trend from the pale Taurus pink to this retina-searing near-fuschia. Like the differences in red seen on a Mustang convertible, an Alfa Romeo Julietta, and a Lamborghini, some seem more right than others. For me, the Alfa tomato red is the correct one, and I still have not seen a righteously pink gun.

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