Object embedding tool

I thought I had a picture of this up on the web someplace else but I can’t find it now. So here it is (possibly again):


This is a close up of part of the lower receiver of an Olympic Arms PCR-01 (Politically Correct Rifle). It has a 24” heavy stainless steel barrel. With the right ammo it is very accurate. It was part of a Second Amendment Foundation and Microsoft Gun Club (now Gun Club at Microsoft) group gun buy in 1996.

I used this rifle to help win the 1998 Intermountain Tactical Rifle Team Championship.


4 thoughts on “Object embedding tool

  1. OK, no one else has so I’ll ask it…what’s the yellow plastic doohickey in the lower? Does that restrict it to single-shot/is that what makes it PC?

  2. That is a magazine block. It is required at some matches. During ceasefires or when your gun is off the line you are required to have it installed to show the bolt is open and no magazine is in the gun.

  3. Object embedding tool? I thought it was a projectile acceleration device with 3-dimensional directional control!

    Or is that too long to etch on the tool/device/poodleshooter?

  4. Ah, I see–not entirely unlike a chamber flag–but it also shows there isn’t a short magazine in there. Doesn’t really demonstrate an empty chamber, but it does allow for visual inspection–I’m now unsure which system I like better.


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