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The problem is a literal inability to distinguish reality from fantasy in certain contexts.

In their world, there is no distinction between intention and result. No distinction between symbol and reality. No distinction between attempt, and accomplishment.

These idiots who go to meetings to “raise awareness”, genuinely believe they have accomplished something; because in their distorted reality, there is no difference between talking about something, and doing it.

To a liberal it doesn’t matter if what they do doesn’t work, because the INTENTION was to do something good, and intentions are the same as reality.

You can show them all the numbers, all the facts, all the reality of it that you want, they just don’t care.

They hate us, passionately, because we cause injury to their world view. We negate their sense of accomplishment. We prevent them from feeling the enhancement to their self esteem and self regard they wish to feel by “doing” whatever it is they are talking about.

Chris Byrne
September 25, 2010
Comment to A process failure.

As friend Jim G. once told me when I asked why was it that there are so few (or zero) mass demonstrations, marches, sit-ins, press conferences, etc. in support of our side? “It’s not our currency”, he said. Our currency are facts, reason, and votes. Their currency is emotion, intimidation, and ridicule.

With the Internet we are now in a much better position to take one piece of their currency away from them and use it for ourselves. Ridicule. Since they are frequently incapable of determining truth from falsity ridicule can be ours. Seize it. Use it.—Joe]


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  1. The best example of this would be something that Tam posted about a while ago, sometime after the oil rig blew in the Gulf. A bunch of hippies got together to hold hands on the beach to “raise awareness” about the effects of the oil rig blowing up. You know, because no one would have known it had happened otherwise.

    In their minds, you really can change the world by sitting around singing Kumbaya.

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