Seattle Geek Shootout

I’m pretty sure they aren’t planning to shoot any geeks so I’m going to attend. It’s only about a 10 minute drive from work:

WHAT: Seattle Geeks who love to go shooting, and thusly determined we should all go shooting together.
WHERE: Wades Eastside Guns and Outdoor Range
13570 Bel-Red Road, Bellevue, WA 98005
WHEN: Wednesday, September 22nd at 7pm, until we abandon ship for beer (Wades closes at 10pm)
COST: is covering our lane rental & targets for the first 30 people! You’ll only need guns and ammo. Gun rental is as little as $8, or bring your own.
WHY: Who doesn’t like to blow stuff up? All geeks are welcome, whether Republicans, Democrats, marksmen, n00bs, or anything in between. Just be safe and have fun.

Since I just picked up my share of those 100k rounds of the Gun Club at Microsoft bulk ammo buy I will even let new shooters put a few rounds through my STI Eagle for free if they want.


7 thoughts on “Seattle Geek Shootout

  1. Yeah. It’s a 15 minute walk back to my bunker or I can park across the street in the condomimum complex which is less than five minutes from my office.

    Stupid no guns on campus rule…

  2. Better yet, you should be allowed to take your guns into the workplace. What’s the point in telling people they have to leave their guns in their cars, where they can be more easily stolen? If someone wanted to go Postal, they’d simply break the no-guns rule, and then have unarmed fish-in-a-barrel once they got inside.

    The only possible explanation is bigotry. All other rationalizations fail the logic test.

  3. Joe, would you be willing to comment on this? I’m hoping we can get some traction for it after the elections. My rep hasn’t been interested in it for several years.

    Lyle: one step at a time…

    Re Wade’s: My wife and I were in there one day a few years ago, when the range was damned near empty – it was a weekday afternoon while I was taking some vacation days, perhaps. They closed off half the lanes and somebody brought in and set up an M2 and fired off a few rounds. That was neat. BOOOM! {cloud of dust wafts down from the ceiling tiles…} BOOOMBOOOM!

  4. I frequently have to bite my tongue when it comes to posting on your blog. If I post too much, I could become an identifiable person on your website so I leave Microsoft, guns, etc. as off-topic posting items for me. I prefer to be the nebulous “ubu52.”

    I believe you were hired too late in the game to be one of the Microsoft millionaires — but I have a roundabout connection to one of those Microsoft millionaires via a gun collector I worked for/with. I think Seattle geeks who love shooting is just that: A bunch of geeks who have fun shooting. Good for them. It’s a fun sport.

    I do thank the earlier Microsoft geeks for all the cracked programs I was able to enjoy. I hope this post is rather cryptic.

  5. ubu; If you have something to say, come right out and say it, loud and proud. Own it. I prefer clarity to agreement (to rob a phrase from Dennis Preger) and I’m not impressed by code-speak.

  6. Joe,
    Nice chatting with you on Wedneday. Thanks for coming to the Geek Shoot Out. We are scheduled to launch our beta on Friday. I would be happy to send over a link if interested, any feedback would be appreciated.

    Dan Hall
    Founder / CEO,

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