Obama popularity still high

Via Roberta I discovered Obama’s popularity is still quite high—in China.


Click on the first picture to see the text “The revolution isn’t success comrades, we must continue to be studious.”

In that last picture I had to look up “RMB”. It refers to the Chinese currency.

I find it “interesting” that under the Obama administration many Chinese believe U.S.A. stands for “United Socialists All”.

Obama and his friends should be aware there are such things as counter-revolutionaries. And the body counts (via Alan) might end up a little different if the gulags, famine, and torture start being implemented in this country.

I know that the members of the Gun Club at Microsoft picked up over 100,000 rounds of ammunition just yesterday. And how many of those rounds do you think went to capitalistic freedom loving people? And I wonder how many the Socialists at Microsoft picked up.

I would like for the Socialists to do the math before they engage in a purge. Math lessons can be “difficult”.


3 thoughts on “Obama popularity still high

  1. I’m shocked. Smart guy like you, I would think you would have invested everything in gold a few years ago and you would know what RMB is automatically.

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