Quote of the day—Paxton Quigley

I once went to Paulden, Arizona, where you can “open carry.” You could go to the market, or gas up, wearing your holster. It felt like the good old Wild West. It was kind of a neat feeling.

Paxton Quigley
September 2010
Do Girls Need Guns?
[Link via Say Uncle.

I remember the first time I openly carried in a restaurant. It was a neat feeling. Kind of like the first time I went skinny dipping. A very free and natural feeling.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Paxton Quigley

  1. I think I remember the first time you open carried in a restaurant too.

    The whole “free and natural” feeling was somewhat mitigated for me because at that time in this state you couldn’t carry discreetly in a restaurant if you wanted to.

    Not exactly free when you carry that way because the law makes you.

    Fortunately, we got that issue alleviated this year so if you ever visit again, you can actually be free and choose whether to open carry or be discreet about it.

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