Open house NRA-ILA event

Via email from the Apex of the Triangle of Death:

Alright guys, just got confirmation from Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters in Federal Way that we are cleared to run another open house up there this weekend.  Our hours are going to be Saturday from 9-8 and Sunday from 10-6; if you’re free to help out recruit volunteers and get the word out, please let me know by replying to this email!  Also, feel free to tell friends and anyone you know to stop by on Sat-Sun; feel free to post this to forums, blogs, wherever you like.

Let me know if you’re free to help, even if it’s just for an hour!

Caleb N Giddings
NRA ILA Campaign Field Rep

Federal Way is a few miles south of Seattle and north of Tacoma. The address of Wholesale Sports 1405 S 348th St, Federal Way.

Update: As noted in the comments, Federal Way is a city, not a street. Outsiders might be confused by that name. Other common confusions of outsiders exist over the pronunciation of several of the local cities rivers and mountains. All this is provides a great deal of amusement for the locals. Locations of particular note include Issaquah, Nisqually, Puyallup, and Snohomish (not to be confused with Sammamish or Stillaguamish).


7 thoughts on “Open house NRA-ILA event

  1. Joe
    Mined if I cross-post, on the off chance someone reads mine that does not read yours? (That would be my parents, I think, and they’re in Tennessee, so it’s probably futile…)

    Part of the raffle at GBR last weekend was an NRA cap that Keewee bought and either Phil or Mr. Completely had autographed by Caleb.

  2. This is totally off-topic, but I am just hoppin, bouncing head off the ceiling mad about it. I have just heard that Edgar Steele, a sick old man and neighbor of yours, has been busted on trumped-up false charges by the Feds, and is being held damn’near incommunicado by them. You have mentioned the “Jews in the Attic” test.

    What about the “Gentile in the Federal Gulag” test? Yup, he dislikes Jews, because he believes that they have been systematically mean and nasty to him, and are out to get him. It looks like they have gotten him. I hate to seem like a White Nationalist, but, well, yeah.

    Oh, feel free to flame away at me, here and at my own blog.

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