Brady Campaign intern duties

I have more information on the duties of the intern the Brady Campaign would like to have work for them for free:

Description of Internship
Interns with the Research Department choose a specific research project to complete during the course of the internship in addition to pitching in on administrative tasks related to research, public affairs, or fundraising.
The following are examples of research projects currently on our docket, and new research projects come up all the time:
Short reports (2-3 pages) that are part of our “Gun Laws Work” series, e. g. explaining the success of gun control laws in California, New York City, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada.
Fact sheet summarizing the research on the lethality of guns relative to other weapons and suicide methods
Fact sheet summarizing the research on the offensive vs. defensive use of guns
Updating and expanding the data for our God Bless America poster comparing gun homicide counts and rates for the U. S. and other countries.

Since I know people from the Brady Campaign frequently read my blog I would like to suggest they also have the intern explain why gun and ammunition sales are way, WAY up, gun bans are being struck down, more people are carrying guns in public and yet the crime rate keeps dropping.

If that task is too tough perhaps they could do a little warm up exercise by defining the universe and give three examples and defend the claim that double entry bookkeeping is a bad idea.