Quote of the day—Neal Knox

Handgun Control Inc. has long said that the NRA leadership was out of step with the NRA membership. And HCI was right—but in exactly the opposite way from what HCI wanted to believe. For the second straight year the NRA membership has overwhelmingly elected Directors sponsored and promoted by Second Amendment Action, of which I am chairman. Last year, the members elected 11 of our 16 candidates.

This time,  in the results reported to NRA Directors today, Second Amendment Action swept every one of its 17 nominees into the 26 vacant seats on the NRA Board.

The house-cleaning assures that NRA will be taking a tougher stance in the legislative arenas.

Read the NRA election results and weep, Handgun Control, Inc. You’ve got a fight on your hands.

Neal Knox
April 13, 1992
Hardliners Sweep NRA Elections, from The Gun Rights War, pages 351 and 352.
[I love this book.

Nearly 20 years ago HCI had “long said the NRA leadership was out of step” with members. HCI was renamed “The Brady Campaign” in 2001 but they haven’t changed their rhetoric. They still claim the NRA is an extremist organization that does not represent its members. But if you read the blogs and the forums you will find far, far, more people critical of the NRA for not being aggressive enough than you will find those that say the NRA is too aggressive.

HCI or Brady Campaign–it doesn’t matter. They are out of touch with reality and have been for well over 20 years.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Neal Knox

  1. Sure enough. In same way, the Republicans are out of touch with the mainstream. The cherished “middle ground” or “center” (between Republicans and Democrats) is where the party operatives believe their votes are to be found. What they’re not seeing is that we’re sick and tired of choosing between left leaning and far left.

    The NRA seems to be on the road to getting their house in order, while the Republican Party is mired in deep denial. Either that or they truly are left/Progressives. Maybe both. They could be left/Progressives in deep denial, which, now that I think about it, is redundant.

  2. I agree, Republican leadership is way out of touch with the base. I think most of us are simply tired of the “social issue” stance of the Republican party, (ie gay marriage, abortion, etc).

    We want fiscal sanity, and the Republicans haven’t been able to deliver.

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