Where we could be

Had we lost the war against our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms we could be facing this:


Via email from Ben who simply said, “Fucking brits.” and gave me this URL.


9 thoughts on “Where we could be

  1. I talked about this on my LJ a good while ago. A Re-did the post on my big-kid blog recently.

    If you have some time, have a look at the interactive youtube video. Its a neat use of the medium, but it also shows what a scary police state the UK is. If you character minds his own business and stays out of trouble but manages to hold onto a knife (despite constant prompts to ditch it) the police will stop you and search your person without out a hint of probable cause and send you to jail.

    I showed this clip to a person I know in the UK, and they told me that it’s totally legal there, and didn’t see what the big deal I was making about it…

  2. If any asks you what the difference between a Citizen and Subject is, show them this picture.

  3. I like the two stickers which state, “Bin Weapons Here Only.”

    So, they think that:
    1. You’re carrying an illegal weapon
    2. You’re just going to chuck it away
    3. You’re going to be good enough to follow instructions

    I always thought that not following instructions was part of a criminal’s job description.

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